Friday, July 31, 2009

This sums it up!

"No one is really prepared for the power of the love they feel for their children, and the feelings of profound vulnerability to which having children make you susceptible." Michael Thompson, Ph.D. author of a book called The Pressured Child, helping your child find success in school and life. Great book!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Treasures Thursday

I wanted to post some photos of the "Treasures" I've found at my local Thrift stores. Some of these will remain the way they are and others will be transformed. I'll be sure to repost once they've found their final home. First up is a photo of apple topiaries I found 2 of theses for a total of $5.00

Next is a vase/urn $3.00, a small lamp for my desk $3.00, a dish that I plan on using to hold my rings at the kitchen sink $1.50, the other dish (with stars on it) actually has santa claus on the other end of it (sorry horrible photo) $2.00 and the gold pillar $2.00. Bringing the grand total for this trip to $11.50.

Here's a better photo of the Pillar. I have since used Heirloom White spray paint and it has founds it's home on my desk beneath the $3.00 lamp mentioned above. Went back to the thrift store and found a black lamp shade (i'll post photo's later)

These barstools are from a while ago. They were $7.00 a piece. I've since painted them black and added my children's first intial to each one. Inspiration was from my sweet savannah's blog. (after photo's to follow)

I had been wanting to transform an ornate frame into a chalkboard FOREVER when I stumbled across this picture at the Goodwill for $12.00. I couldn't believe the price!!! It also has been transformed already (those photo's to follow as well) The pine cone statue thingys were $3.00 each.

Although I LOVE every special Treasure that comes home with me, I think this next one was my favorite!!! I've been wanting to create a back yard bar-b-que since we bought this home. In our last home we were lucky enough to be able to put in a custom bar-b-que island (it was gorgeous) but in the new home, well by the time we were sort of finished with the inside there wasn't/isn't enough for the outside. It's ok though cause it has given me the opportunity to be even more creative.

I plan on making my own custom outdoor kitchen using this island. I found it for $25.00. I'll be sure to repost photos of our back yard paradise (0n a budget) once I finish!!! Hope you enjoyed Treaures Thursday!!! I think it might be the first of many!! ;)


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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Accidental Recycler....

I wish I could say that this was all apart of my "master plan"-that this was my vision all along. However that would be untrue. I am the "accidental recycler" It all started in August of 2007. We were the proud owners of our second "fixer upper" Our home was built in 1967. I LOVE old homes!!! Shocking I know- imagine someone who is obsessed with searching out old treasures wanting an older home?!? There is nothing that I do not like about an older home. Even if it has to be COMPLETELY remodeled. I love old quaint neighborhoods that are well established. I love how every home has it's own character. I love peeling back layers to see how the house transformed over the years. Anyhow we bought our home from the grandchildren of the second owner. She had lived in this home until she died at the young age of 92. I'll have to post the "before" and the kinda sorta "afters" another day. Today I'm posting this blog to be a part of The Inspired Rooms shutter party. Which brings me back to my story about how I accidentally (on purpose) forgot to throw away the shutters that the previous owner was using inside the house. The hubby took them down when we first started our remodel and instructed me to take them to the dumpster but I just couldn't do it. I had NO idea back then what I could do with them but I knew I couldn't just throw them out. So I begged the hubby to put them up in the rafters which is where they sat until June 2009. We were pulling up to our house one day and I thought to myself BLAH. I mean we've done a ton of stuff to bring the front of the house back to life but something was still missing. That's when it hit me- SHUTTERS!!! I figured if they fit on the inside- why not the outside??? Sure enough they did! All it took was a little black paint and a couple of screws and what was once this:

Turned into this:

I still want to put up a flower box and a few more accents out front but I think these shutters have really helped with the curb appeal. This is how I became the "accidental recycler"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Zizzazz- a better alternative....

Click on the link below and watch the video. If your interested you can also check out I know there are a TON of products out there but this one really is great!! It's a healthier alternative to all of the other energy drinks on the market. It comes in a powdered single stick form that you can mix with water or any other beverage. This eliminates the need for refrigeration- you can just throw a couple sticks in your purse or better yet leave a few in the car so they are always on hand when your out "Junking". My favorite part is they are not carbonated like other energy drinks. Zizzazz has a ton of vitamins (more than vitamin water) and only has 20 calories 4 carbs and less than a gram of sugar for the entire stick!! All that plus it tastes great!!! Right now they have decided to offer a free 16 count box. Check out the link below for details. I am slightly partial since my husband and I are co owners of the company along with a group of others. That being said it really is a great product and you don't have to take my word for it you can try it for yourself!! If you have any questions please ask!!! ;)



Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sidewalk Sunday

My husband for many years has lived by the belief that "New is always better" only to have recently had a change of heart. It all started last Sunday. To amuse me (because he really is a great guy) he decided to take me on a drive last Sunday to look for garage sales. Now I know it's not the prime day to head out but I didn't want to tell him that so we loaded up and out we went. We decided to head to this wonderful old neighborhood in our town referred to as the "wood streets". We weren't having much luck (might have been the fact that it was Sunday and about 100 degrees outside) as we were reaching the end of our searching I spotted a dresser sitting next to the curb. I yelled for him to STOP! (well not really but I did give him the look) Anyhow I think his words were "are you kidding me??" I left out a couple of words for the faint of heart ;) Anyhow, I'm new to sidewalk shopping so I wasn't sure of the proper etiquette. Do you knock and tell them your taking it? Do you leave a note? Do you load it up and head out without even as much as a visual confirmation that they see you taking their "trash" and it's ok? Feeling really uneasy about this new experience I decided to go ahead and knock on the door. A nice young woman answered and I inquired about the piece. She said "Take it- I was waiting for a trash pick up but they didn't show up" The whole time she was kind of smirking as if she agreed with my husband- that this was absurd of me to take someones junk before the trash man had a chance to get it. Come to think of it I could almost hear both of them thinking "What does SHE think she's going to do with this piece of cr*p?" Well hubby being the nice guy that he is loaded this dirt and spider web infested dresser into the back of his truck despite what he was thinking. Even as he was sanding it I know he was still thinking that this was a HUGE waste of time and now we were going to have to pay to dispose of someone Else's trash!!! "Trust me" I said "Just wait and see" well a couple of hours later it went from this:

To This:

Of course it wouldn't have happened with out a whole lot of this:

There's something to be said about a man who would risk heat stroke for his wife!!!
Now one of the drawers was missing but that didn't bother me. I planned on using this in our game room and I wanted the top 2 drawers to be replaced by a shelf to house all of the xbox, play station, Wii blah blah blah. The hubby is making the shelf for me now so I'll be sure to re post photo's once it's completely done and found it's final home. Oh yeah by the way, the hubby's exact words right after the project was done "I'll NEVER doubt you again!"

PAINT $11 (all other supplies left over from previous projects )

Monday, July 20, 2009

Following in her foot steps....

I've been collecting furniture and knick knacks for a few months now with the intention of selling at some of the local farmers markets and flea markets. I'm not sure when exactly I'll be "ready" but hopefully when I am I can be as successful as Lulu & Co.

Congrats to her!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 5 of Tracy Porter Tribute!!

I ADORE this idea!!! I'm a very visual person and being able to see all of my charms and baubles out and about like artwork!?!? Don't know WHY I never thought of it myself??

Tracy Porter Video: In recognition of all magpies… a jewelry drawer reorganization

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Looking for an original gift for a friend?

Stop by and check out this Etsy shop! She's a fantastic stay at home mother of 2 that is starting her own online business. She makes the most amazing keepsake baby blankets. Using different pieces of fabric that apply to that child. You could do the same thing for anyone in your life. Just by giving her a theme to stick to you could make a great blanket for the Mothers and Grandmothers in your life for special occasions. She has also done "In memory of" blankets which are great. Her prices are great too! So stop by and help spread the word!!

Day 2 of my Tracy Porter Tribute

Remember if you like what you see in these videos, there are a ton more on her blog. So stop by and check them out. You'll find inspiration on everything from outfits to living life to the fullest and everything in between!

Tracy Porter Be Extraordinary Video: Giving of Yourself!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Displaying photos in a different way..

If your tired of the same old way of posting pictures around your home here's a couple of ideas for displaying photos in a unique way.

First up is a bowl I found while out "Thrifting." While we were in Coronado the other day I scooped some sand into our empty water bottle container and had the kids grab a couple shells. When I got home I printed out my 2 favorite photos from that day. Then I poured the sand into the bowl, placed the to 2 photos and added a couple of the shells. It makes for a much more interesting way to display the "Treasures" from that day.

If you use your imagination you could make the contents of the bowl suit any theme. Just take a look at the photos you want to display and then place items that pertain to it in the bowl. It's that simple! For instance you could do this with your child's little league pictures. Just switch out the sand for some "infield dirt" and instead of the shells use a baseball. For the princess of the house you could use part of an old princess dress in place of the sand, a picture of her and a small tiara holding the picture up. For a baby you could use a piece of a favorite blanket along with a pacifier. Are you getting the picture? With a little thought you could do this with ANYTHING!!

Next I have a wrought iron piece left over from our gate. Here I just took clothes pins and simply pinned some post cards from our trips to Canada and my mothers trip to Italy. You could do the same with photos. You could take this a step further and paint the clothes pins with chalk board paint and write a little message on each one. (this idea I saw on another blog- they used it in a garden area, the clothes pins said the date when the seeds were planted)

These are just a couple of ideas in a truely endless sea of possibilities!! I'll hunt the internet and post more for inspiration but at least this will give you a start in a unique way of displaying photos!!

Tracy Porter Be Extraordinary Video: Focus on the POSITIVE!

I'm so bummed out to find out that Tracy Porter has posted her final blog today. I mean I understand to "live life to it's fullest" like she so often talks about that sometimes somethings gotta go. I know I could probably do with less computer time myself!! Anyhow in honor of the great inspiration that I have found on her blog in regards to all aspects of life, I will be posting a new Tracy video every day this week. If you like what you see then stop by her blog. There are PLENTY more amazing inspirational videos. I hope that they remain accessible to everyone even though she will no longer be blogging???

Tracy Porter Be Extraordinary Video: Focus on the POSITIVE!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Coronado Fun

My husband had a meeting with his business partner, in Coronado (San Diego) Ca.- rough place for a meeting ;) So we decided to load up the kiddos and head to the beach afterwards. This was a BEAUTIFUL beach with a huge grassy park area and tons of gorgeous homes right next to the military base.

We stopped by to pick up some friends who are lucky enough to live on the "island" and headed over to this gorgeous beach.

My son, not sure what he is pondering at this moment?

My daughter completely unaware of what is about to happen,


WIPE OUT! Don't worry she's fine! ;)

This was my view right before I decided, they were safe with daddy so I can close my eyes and relax when all of the sudden-

This literally flew right over the top of me so close I could see all the parts on the bottom of the plane- I thought it was about to crash land into the beach right next to me. It was soon and I mean VERY soon followed by this,

and then this,

I started to feel like I was in some old war movie. The kids of course thought this was FANTASTIC- their own personal air show while at the beach. The novelty for me wore of very quickly though. I didn't realize that we were right next to the landing strip and well I can only equate it to laying out on the tarmack at LAX! Our friends thought it was hilarious how startled I'd get every time one of these LOUD things would fly right over the top of us. I asked "how long does it take to get used to this?" I couldn't imagine the daily combo of the tranquilty of the ocean followed by bombers taking off and landing every 10 minutes all hours of the day and night??? She told me "you learn to talk right over the top of it" to which I replied "huh?" (get it? the plane, talk over it- never mind!) Anyhow, here's a little interesting fact- If you happen to be lucky enough to be a millionaire and want to buy one of these homes you have to first sign a waiver saying that you understand that you are living in a "crash zone" and there's always "the possibility of a bombing". STEEP prices!! If you can get past all that- it really is a BEAUTIFUL place to be!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Inspired by Centsational Girl

After browsing around Centsational Girl's blog and learning to "look" at everything around me in a new way I stumbled across a few Treasures. The first one I forgot to take a before photo of so I removed the top and took a picture of the under side so you can see how dark and dated it looked. I found this one on Craigslist for $10.00. The second photo is after the first coat of primer spray paint.

Finally with a top coat of Heirloom White it has found it's place in my Master bathroom and is waiting for a few more treasures of it's own to hold.

Next is a head board I found at Goodwill for $12.00. Now normally I wouldn't have looked twice but after viewing Centsational Girls blog I've learned to look at everything with a new eye, well that and I've learned to "borrow" her ideas as well! ;)

I picked up some chocolate chalkboard paint from Home Depot and a couple of hooks. I taped off a square and painted - added the hooks and wrote "No Lifegaurd on Duty" It's now going to be hung on the block wall next to our pool.

Thank you Centsational Girl!!! Hopefully my friends will be inspired to see things in a different light!!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Family, Fun and Fireworks

Hope everyone has a Happy SAFE 4th of July!!! I'll post photo's of our family's fun next week! Can't wait to see what everyone else does for the holiday!!!