Saturday, July 11, 2009

Coronado Fun

My husband had a meeting with his business partner, in Coronado (San Diego) Ca.- rough place for a meeting ;) So we decided to load up the kiddos and head to the beach afterwards. This was a BEAUTIFUL beach with a huge grassy park area and tons of gorgeous homes right next to the military base.

We stopped by to pick up some friends who are lucky enough to live on the "island" and headed over to this gorgeous beach.

My son, not sure what he is pondering at this moment?

My daughter completely unaware of what is about to happen,


WIPE OUT! Don't worry she's fine! ;)

This was my view right before I decided, they were safe with daddy so I can close my eyes and relax when all of the sudden-

This literally flew right over the top of me so close I could see all the parts on the bottom of the plane- I thought it was about to crash land into the beach right next to me. It was soon and I mean VERY soon followed by this,

and then this,

I started to feel like I was in some old war movie. The kids of course thought this was FANTASTIC- their own personal air show while at the beach. The novelty for me wore of very quickly though. I didn't realize that we were right next to the landing strip and well I can only equate it to laying out on the tarmack at LAX! Our friends thought it was hilarious how startled I'd get every time one of these LOUD things would fly right over the top of us. I asked "how long does it take to get used to this?" I couldn't imagine the daily combo of the tranquilty of the ocean followed by bombers taking off and landing every 10 minutes all hours of the day and night??? She told me "you learn to talk right over the top of it" to which I replied "huh?" (get it? the plane, talk over it- never mind!) Anyhow, here's a little interesting fact- If you happen to be lucky enough to be a millionaire and want to buy one of these homes you have to first sign a waiver saying that you understand that you are living in a "crash zone" and there's always "the possibility of a bombing". STEEP prices!! If you can get past all that- it really is a BEAUTIFUL place to be!

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