Monday, July 13, 2009

Tracy Porter Be Extraordinary Video: Focus on the POSITIVE!

I'm so bummed out to find out that Tracy Porter has posted her final blog today. I mean I understand to "live life to it's fullest" like she so often talks about that sometimes somethings gotta go. I know I could probably do with less computer time myself!! Anyhow in honor of the great inspiration that I have found on her blog in regards to all aspects of life, I will be posting a new Tracy video every day this week. If you like what you see then stop by her blog. There are PLENTY more amazing inspirational videos. I hope that they remain accessible to everyone even though she will no longer be blogging???

Tracy Porter Be Extraordinary Video: Focus on the POSITIVE!


benson said...

I was bummed when I found out that she stopped blogging. I'm wondering if it took up too much of her time w/the videos?

Dawn said...

I am not sure how I just stumbled onto your blog :), but here I am...I just had to comment on this post...I am a huge Tracy Porter fan, so I too was so bummed when she closed her blog! You can still access her videos from her website to Our Story and Videos...and click on Tracy TV...I go back and watch "reruns" alot!!

Take Care