Monday, July 13, 2009

Displaying photos in a different way..

If your tired of the same old way of posting pictures around your home here's a couple of ideas for displaying photos in a unique way.

First up is a bowl I found while out "Thrifting." While we were in Coronado the other day I scooped some sand into our empty water bottle container and had the kids grab a couple shells. When I got home I printed out my 2 favorite photos from that day. Then I poured the sand into the bowl, placed the to 2 photos and added a couple of the shells. It makes for a much more interesting way to display the "Treasures" from that day.

If you use your imagination you could make the contents of the bowl suit any theme. Just take a look at the photos you want to display and then place items that pertain to it in the bowl. It's that simple! For instance you could do this with your child's little league pictures. Just switch out the sand for some "infield dirt" and instead of the shells use a baseball. For the princess of the house you could use part of an old princess dress in place of the sand, a picture of her and a small tiara holding the picture up. For a baby you could use a piece of a favorite blanket along with a pacifier. Are you getting the picture? With a little thought you could do this with ANYTHING!!

Next I have a wrought iron piece left over from our gate. Here I just took clothes pins and simply pinned some post cards from our trips to Canada and my mothers trip to Italy. You could do the same with photos. You could take this a step further and paint the clothes pins with chalk board paint and write a little message on each one. (this idea I saw on another blog- they used it in a garden area, the clothes pins said the date when the seeds were planted)

These are just a couple of ideas in a truely endless sea of possibilities!! I'll hunt the internet and post more for inspiration but at least this will give you a start in a unique way of displaying photos!!


Anonymous said...

I love your bowl idea! I can see it now! I'll have to do only problem with decorating right now is that everything has to be at waist length or higher...cause I have little hands that want to grab everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angie said...

Yes- I remember those days!! Sadly they go by to fast! :(

Anonymous said...

Angie! I cannot believe you "EYE" for things! That stand in your bathroom---adorable---my favorite thing is the no life guard on duty thingy....way cool....although, the picture in the dish with the sand...i'm stealing! STACIE

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Love this wrought iron idea- Brillant