Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sidewalk Sunday

My husband for many years has lived by the belief that "New is always better" only to have recently had a change of heart. It all started last Sunday. To amuse me (because he really is a great guy) he decided to take me on a drive last Sunday to look for garage sales. Now I know it's not the prime day to head out but I didn't want to tell him that so we loaded up and out we went. We decided to head to this wonderful old neighborhood in our town referred to as the "wood streets". We weren't having much luck (might have been the fact that it was Sunday and about 100 degrees outside) as we were reaching the end of our searching I spotted a dresser sitting next to the curb. I yelled for him to STOP! (well not really but I did give him the look) Anyhow I think his words were "are you kidding me??" I left out a couple of words for the faint of heart ;) Anyhow, I'm new to sidewalk shopping so I wasn't sure of the proper etiquette. Do you knock and tell them your taking it? Do you leave a note? Do you load it up and head out without even as much as a visual confirmation that they see you taking their "trash" and it's ok? Feeling really uneasy about this new experience I decided to go ahead and knock on the door. A nice young woman answered and I inquired about the piece. She said "Take it- I was waiting for a trash pick up but they didn't show up" The whole time she was kind of smirking as if she agreed with my husband- that this was absurd of me to take someones junk before the trash man had a chance to get it. Come to think of it I could almost hear both of them thinking "What does SHE think she's going to do with this piece of cr*p?" Well hubby being the nice guy that he is loaded this dirt and spider web infested dresser into the back of his truck despite what he was thinking. Even as he was sanding it I know he was still thinking that this was a HUGE waste of time and now we were going to have to pay to dispose of someone Else's trash!!! "Trust me" I said "Just wait and see" well a couple of hours later it went from this:

To This:

Of course it wouldn't have happened with out a whole lot of this:

There's something to be said about a man who would risk heat stroke for his wife!!!
Now one of the drawers was missing but that didn't bother me. I planned on using this in our game room and I wanted the top 2 drawers to be replaced by a shelf to house all of the xbox, play station, Wii blah blah blah. The hubby is making the shelf for me now so I'll be sure to re post photo's once it's completely done and found it's final home. Oh yeah by the way, the hubby's exact words right after the project was done "I'll NEVER doubt you again!"

PAINT $11 (all other supplies left over from previous projects )


Spencer Family 6 said...

Hi! Saw your post on Lifeingrace! Love your dresser....I did one very similar for my daughter's room. It was a greenish-custom color I made from a few different colors of paint from other projects and then I used some antiquing glaze for the final effect!

Good job!!!! (Love the idea of making something pretty and useful for the boys and their "toys"....I have 3 of them!

Lissa said...

turned out great! Love that

Nancherrow said...

Love the post. I have gotten similar smirks when I've asked to take away someone's "trash." But I think my hubs is coming around to the idea that my junking saves him money.

Love the blog....think I'll follow along to see what else you unearth.


Anna See said...

what a success story! thanks for sharing. i LOVE it when my husband finally realizes i've picked up something great. said... right! Love to hear it though! Great job!

Sonja said...

I love the color! Hubby did a great job!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

That is priceless, and a good man! It turned out gorgeous! Thanks for linking up.