Thursday, July 30, 2009

Treasures Thursday

I wanted to post some photos of the "Treasures" I've found at my local Thrift stores. Some of these will remain the way they are and others will be transformed. I'll be sure to repost once they've found their final home. First up is a photo of apple topiaries I found 2 of theses for a total of $5.00

Next is a vase/urn $3.00, a small lamp for my desk $3.00, a dish that I plan on using to hold my rings at the kitchen sink $1.50, the other dish (with stars on it) actually has santa claus on the other end of it (sorry horrible photo) $2.00 and the gold pillar $2.00. Bringing the grand total for this trip to $11.50.

Here's a better photo of the Pillar. I have since used Heirloom White spray paint and it has founds it's home on my desk beneath the $3.00 lamp mentioned above. Went back to the thrift store and found a black lamp shade (i'll post photo's later)

These barstools are from a while ago. They were $7.00 a piece. I've since painted them black and added my children's first intial to each one. Inspiration was from my sweet savannah's blog. (after photo's to follow)

I had been wanting to transform an ornate frame into a chalkboard FOREVER when I stumbled across this picture at the Goodwill for $12.00. I couldn't believe the price!!! It also has been transformed already (those photo's to follow as well) The pine cone statue thingys were $3.00 each.

Although I LOVE every special Treasure that comes home with me, I think this next one was my favorite!!! I've been wanting to create a back yard bar-b-que since we bought this home. In our last home we were lucky enough to be able to put in a custom bar-b-que island (it was gorgeous) but in the new home, well by the time we were sort of finished with the inside there wasn't/isn't enough for the outside. It's ok though cause it has given me the opportunity to be even more creative.

I plan on making my own custom outdoor kitchen using this island. I found it for $25.00. I'll be sure to repost photos of our back yard paradise (0n a budget) once I finish!!! Hope you enjoyed Treaures Thursday!!! I think it might be the first of many!! ;)



Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oooh I do love it!! Keep em coming!

Lissa said...

Love the outdoor kitchen island idea! My sister is like you! She'll find a table for 5 dollars and turn it into something amazing.

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Girl you hit the thrift pot jackpot!!! Great finds! Tootles, Janna

junkgarden said...

That island is great. I can't wait to see your outdoor kitchen!

~La Rustique Market~ said...

Love the white frame and picture! All of your treaures are great too! Thanks for the visit and for following my blog.


PinkBalloons&Macaroons said...

great finds!! I hope you have a great day!! hugs!! Britt :-)