Thursday, June 24, 2010

Would you mind another Treasures Thursday????

I know I promised no more until I had some Makeover Mondays under my belt buuuuuut

I found a Treasure that is oooh so perfect and I'm thinking I might have to break a promise.

That's ok right?? I mean you'll forgive me if I do it just this once??

I thought so.

I guess by now you know that I am THE worst at keeping a schedule!!  I mean it's only been 3 weeks of Makeover Mondays and you've only seen MY stuff once!!  Oh well, you already forgave me so I won't keep going on about it!!!
I'd like to introduce you to.......

Hope the Hutch. As in there is "hope" for her!!
Clever I know. 

Here take a close look...

She has glass shelves  and...

Gorgeous chunky detail.

Plus THE coolest drawer pulls EVER!!!


This baby was on Cracklist  Craigslist for a while. I watched and waited. Finally they dropped their price to $50 but I still waited and watched. Then after about a week or so I emailed and asked if they'd take


Your not wondering what their answer was are you???  ;)

Now, what color???

I don't have a lack of inspiration.

The problem I have is, I need about 35 more hutches to paint!!

I LOVE to many!!

So your going to have to help me out on this one!!!

Come back tomorrow to see your choices!



Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

NICE! I think I saw this a few times on there too...but I hestiated, cuz I just don't like driving down the hill :( OwellThe first colors that come to mind are Crisp White on the outside, and a pale blueish-green for the inside...and of coarse with all that chunky detail a lil glaze wont hurt! Whatever you do it will rock for sure!

Trish said...

oh, oh....I know!!!!

How about Tiffany Blue :O)

You make me so inspired...I just want to go home and get busy with a sander and some paint....but then I would have to work and maybe sweat...and well, I don't like to sweat so I guess I will just hang out here on your blog and enjoy your treasures instead!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Looking forward to seeing how you transform this find.

Leanne said...

You crack me up!!! "HOPE" and "Cracklist" eh-hem, I mean, Craigslist??? YOU ARE SOOOOOOO SILLY and FUN!!!!!! (Oh, and I LOVE this hutch!!! i HOPE ;) i will see it soon! (heehee)

Sommer said...

I love her! And her name is perfect! I wish I would have thought of that lol. I think she should be a robins eggs blue. There is a Behr paint called tide pool that is to die for! Now get to work! Oh and $30, you make me sick.

Viola said...

I love this hutch. Hope has so much going for her. She will be beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

I'm kind of felling a bluish the colors of your blog!?

Susie said...

What a find lady! Gosh I do miss all the Treasures on Cracklist in LaLa land. I live in a too tiny town for finding awesome stuff like that.
Thanks for checking in with me. I'm alive and well, just busy.
I hope you guys are having a nice start to summer. :)

Renee Finberg said...


the drawer pulls are worth more than
30 bucks.

you are the best treasure hunter!!

Leah said...

Oh I love this treasure! Can't wait to see what you come up with!