Friday, June 25, 2010

Options for Hope...

That title sounds so much deeper than this post is!!!!

Although we all know the power of design and color!!

It sure makes me happy and full of HOPE!

Ok if you didn't see yesterday's post, STOP and go here first. 

Then by all means COME BACK!!  

I'm going to show you several photos. Some I know where they came from, some I do not. If you know the source PLEASE tell me and if it's yours and you want it removed please let me know that as well. 

Now this first one is really distressed. I don't have my heart set on distressing Hope.


(Tracy Porter)

but I really love the idea of the outside being cream and the inside green.

(Tracy Porter)
black with an accent color inside?

if so I'd like to do something other than grey, BEEN there, DONE that.


(Tracy Porter- I think)

a Kelly green?

even a little lighter with some glazing on all her detail?


(source unknown)

Or maybe a fun turquoise?


(don't remember this one either)

This is a beautiful option too...


Doesn't it look amazing?!?


(I'm thinking Junk Restore?)


When I posted this earlier I thought this photo was my friend Tammy's hutch.
It is IDENTICAL to a hutch she JUST finished painting.


Ignore her laundry- she was productive that day ;)

Crazy right?!
Either way the are both.....


There's also the grey option..


or  gray- whichever way you want to spell it, it certainly is on the rise in mainstream decor

and has me swooning.

Now for the blue fans. I'm only recently joining your group.

However I join with conditions.

Although I can appreciate ALL colors and ALL style of decor when it comes to my own...

I like dark, moody blues. 


Or maybe a nice turquoise blue?


(source unknown)

The ceramic pot looks like a perfect mix of these two colors!!

If it's going to be any lighter than these options than it has to have a grey undertone.

Yesterday, Cat left a comment  about painting Hope the color of my blog.

That sounds like a great option!!

Ok you've got several to choose from or can throw in your own!!

You can either leave your vote here or on the fan page!

While your all voting, I'll be here....

(Mae Brunken in garden courtyard- original source unknown)

So just yell when your done! ;)



Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Okay so I really like #2 maybe really similar to the pick...with a burnt orange almost brown-ish red inside? Or #4... but I really think #2...I was originally thinkin white with a color like your blog inside? but yeah...ok :) good luck pickin?

Kerri said...

Ok, my two favorite would be...the kelly green (which I would never have the guts to do!) and the cream with the green inside....very nice!
Great deal on your hutch!! 30!

Anonymous said...

I vote either #4 or #8, it's a tough one. I really am loveing the gray.


Sommer said...

I vote for #4 or #7. I am really loving the lighter green but the versatility of the cream can go in any room!

Viola said...

I like #9 and #10, the two blues.

LuLu said...

Oh my gosh this is hard... i'm voting for 5 and 1
Can't wait to see what you do,Hope will look beautiful with whatever you do!

The Urban Cowboy said...

I like number 4.

The Design Confidential said...

I think I am loving the Kelley Green! I am going that route in my boys room redo right now! though I also love the lighter green and the moody blue! those are my votes, in that we get more than 1? well anyhoo you know what i mean! hahah

btw, has anyone else noticed blogger says it wants word verification and gives you gibber gabber instead?

Revamped French Maison said...

No. 5 or 1 are my favorites. I think the photo on five might be from Life in the Fun Lane or not...she did have similar for a client awhile back.

While I'm hanging out is nice and so is gray. Oh my I'm positively no help whatsoever. lol

You'll never go wrong with a neutral though and it will be fashionable long after the trendy color is out or the love affair with whatever color is gone. That's always my mode of operandi when faced with decisions such as yours

Blessings to you,

Trish said...

I think I like the Kelly green the best. But I am sure what ever one you pick will be amazing!

April McCoid said...

My favorites are #3 and #5... but I also like a classic crisp white... maybe you could do the outside white, and use your color choice for the inside. This project looks like fun. I can't wait to see what you do with it :-)

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Sorry, no help here, I love them

Stacie said...

I'd say junk restore!