Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ready for more Treasures past??

It's been a little while since I showed you the photos of Treasures first home. If this is your first time hearing about it you can start the tour here then read this one, after that make sure you read this one and then you'll be all caught up!

Let's see we started out in the entryway, made our way to the living room/kitchen/laundry room and now we'll head down the hallway to the first bedroom you come to.

The Master.

Although it's really silly to call it that because well there's this photo your looking at and then..

There's this photo. The only thing I'm not showing you is the closest that's behind me in this photo
and the "Master" bath that is also behind me.

I'll try to dig up more photos so you can see but let me just tell you that we had to remove the door to it just to be able to get in and out of it without climbing over the toilet! (slight exaggeration but trust me only slight)

I really just used it for storage the 10 years we lived there.

It was on the list of "some day" expanding that room but we never did get to it.

Anyhow, this room saw sooo many transformations in all that time.
This just happened to be the one photo I decided to share with you.

Oh ya and remember how I said I was going to take it easy on the "Sidewalk Sundays" and the "Treasure Thursdays"???

Well I've been trying, I mean really trying but if you follow along on facebook
you'll notice that I still managed to score a freebie and well I also found a Treasure.

Only one though!!


P.S. Not only did I reach 100 fans yesterday I was also featured on....

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Ruby said...

Nice tour!Really enjoyed it!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Angie, congratulations on the Better After! Your projections are great and should be featured more often than they are. I can relate to the subject of the first house, you know they only get better.

Sommer said...

Yay! Congrats on your feature! And your fans! I'm riding your coat tails right into the spotlight ;P

The Frugal Designer said...

I am so excited about your feature! I just love walking down your memory lane. 100 fans is a big milestone, they happen much faster after that! It is a constant struggle to get the word out, but there is nothing better than a little grass roots promotion, those are the most loyal followers in the end!

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Yay! So cool about your feature! well deserved for sure! Woo Hoo! and 100 fans! so cool! I'm gonna check out what else you've got going on over at facebook! Have a great night!

Trish said...

oh I love it. You are oh so talented!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Hooray for you!! :) Being featured rocks!

{jami @ i m a g i n e} said...

aaahhhh yeah! 100 followers! Love the look of this bedroom - cozy!!
xo - jami
i m a g i n e

Dorothy Adamek said...

That was fantastic. Great colors! I'm inspired to look at my rooms afresh now!! We are in the middle of winter and a little 'pick me up' is in order I think!
Thanks and blessings
Dorothy :)