Thursday, June 17, 2010

Budget Decor Tips!

                    Yesterday, on my facebook fan page

                              All My Treasures.

                      I asked the following questions:

Do you change your mind often when it comes to color??
 Do you get bored easily with your decor??

I also said:

If you answered yes to either of these you won't want to miss my tips on How to change your look often without spending a ton of money!!!

Let me start by telling you, If money isn't an issue for you or if your already a seasoned decorator these tips aren't for you.
I mean, I know I'm not reinventing the wheel here.
But, If you are on a budget and like to change often then you'll want to keep the following in mind the next time your shopping.

1) ALWAYS stick to neutrals on the big ticket items.
i.e. couch, rugs, curtains
Now if you've followed along with me for a while you know that I am anything BUT neutral.

Bohemian chic is my love!

Tracy Porter's home is HEAVEN for me.
Don't be confused though, neutral doesn't mean boring.
It doesn't mean plain.

Let  me show you some examples:

This room may not have color on the walls  but it's anything but boring.

Now remember neutral doesn't mean white or tan.

Neutral just means, choosing big ticket items that don't tie you down to any one specific style.

Change out the pillows....

(not positive but I think this is Cota De Texas)

and you've got a completely different look for very little money.

Get bored with that??

 3 months later and you want something different already?

No problem....

(The Polished Pebble)

Buy new pillows!!!
Even better- learn how to sew and simply make covers for the pillows you already own!!
Again, don't assume that neutral means white/tan/plain.
for example...

None of these are white/tan and I certainly don't think they qualify as "plain"

I LOVE the green of this sofa.

In this shade I consider it a neutral!
Notice the rug?

Certainly not boring but also doesn't tie us down!!

Change out these pillows and blanket and the possibilities for this room are endless!!

This next one is my favorite!!!

See me in the background doing the dishes?

Just insert Lil Red on that couch and it's home!!!
(well almost home- I'd change the kitchen table really)

Even this orange couch leaves you with more options than something with a distinct pattern and multiple colors.
Again, neutral doesn't mean white/tan/boring. It also doesn't mean just a solid color!

Take a look at this black and white striped couch.

I'm a firm believer that the color black is a neutral.

As for stripes??

They go with ANY decor!
Just keep in mind that if you have any more than 2 colors your starting to get to that "tied down" area.

Yes, I have a 2 color rule when using any big ticket items.

No more than 2 colors are aloud.

This way my 3rd color introduced into the room is the one that allows me the freedom to change often

without taking ALL my change!

Your 3rd color is the one to have fun with!
For example,

(Ok so these chairs aren't stripes but you see they fall into the 2 color rule)

Your smaller items like this end table. This and your pillows are where you can have fun!

Once again, if you tire of it, your a $3.00 can of spray paint and a few pillows away from a whole new look!

Is this making sense to you?

Let me show you another example to help you understand what I'm talking about

This is a GREAT room. It's full of character and color.

What happens when I'm over


Ok If I've used this much of it in one room maybe I won't get over red so much
but what if I'm over this santa fe, country type look?

What are my options with this couch or this rug??

Not many!

Now I know the majority of the photos I've shown have had plain white walls or very little color.

You do not have to do that!!!

Paint is THE cheapest way to change your look!!!

Don't be afraid to slap some color up on those walls!!

This next photo is great!

See all that personality!? All that color?
By the way, notice the rug?

Perfect example of my 2 color max!!

Even though it's a bold pattern you can still go in so many different directions decor wise!!!

Well, as I'm reading back over this I realize that it's not so much "tips"
more like my one really long winded "tip"

Really what it boils down to is...

1) stay neutral when it comes to the big ticket items

2) add color with pillows and other accessories

3) don't be afraid to paint!!!

Hope that helps those of you who like to change but feel stuck.

Stick to these rules and you'll never regret the $2000 plus you spent on a couch
or the $300-600 you've spent on a rug!!

The photos came from various places all over the internet.
If you know where one came from
please leave the info for me in the comments!



Ruby said...

Great TIP LOL ...will add this to my nearly free blog I have in the works :o) Will of course give credit where credit is due and link back to here!

The Frugal Designer said...

I love all these rooms. i am a huge lover of all things neutral! of course my definition of neutral extends way beyond that of most people! ahahah

Debbie said...

This is a fantastic post Angie...really it is so insightful for many who are in a slump!!~ I pretty much do all of the above you noted...always changing things around, even from room to room in my house because I kept just about all the same colors in each room but reversed......thanks Angie!

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Awesome post, Angie! Really informative - I really appreciate it! Also, thx for the tip about wally world's spray paint selection. Will check it out next time. :)

Leanne said...

Ok ... I really really needed this! For real. It sounds so simple, but I think I have forgotten. Great ideas here, Angie! I think I've been in a decorating rut for a little while, and want to make some changes (but don't have the budget to do it right now!) Your ideas are great! THANKS!!

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Gotta love this post Ang! these photos are wonderful examples...I so agree on the neutral part, the way I see it, almost every solid is a neutral for me... great tips... I want to be in the photo with that awesome brick wall...There some amazing inspiration for me in that one :)

ashlina {the decorista} said...

probably my fave post today. i knew you had some secrets in you!!!! :) good ones too.

Debbie said...

Yes Angie, in blogger, just go to your comment moderation edit page and play around with the comments come to my email first, then I approve them to go through.....hey and what is wrong with a little viagra ads....some women need it too......not me, not my hubs...although he is a pharmacist so I have easy access down the road lol!!~

scrapwordsmom said...

Really fabulous tips!! I have that green couch by the way:) Ours is just a "normal" couch not that larger size. I also have a big overstuffed chair in that color then we bought an "accent" chair with that same color green with a funky floral pattern. We get so many compliments on that color. And you are so right...pillows make all the difference.

I gotta go buy me some pillows!

Trish said...

Love all your tips!Great as always!!!
I am really tossing around the idea of painting my bedroom Tiffany Blue...and then accent with yellow and chocolate.....whatdaya think?????

Angie said...

I think GO FOR IT Trish!!! ;)

Kerri said...

Great advice...stick with neutrals for the big stuff! We opted for a plaid sofa and loveseat 10yrs ago when we got married...and now I am sooooooo over the country phase...and now stuck with a plaid couch! I'm thinking of waiting just a couple more years before getting new son likes to eat breakfast in the livingroom...ahhhh! I would be a nervous wreck if he was eating on the cream sofa! I can't wait for a change though in decor. It seems overwhelming to want to change the entire house...and not have the budget for it!

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

Hi Angie-

First, what a great post with great tips! Second, thanks so much for visiting my blog and a comment is always appreciated! I apologize, I owed you a thank you for visiting before!

Take care!

Michelle Zuniga

Elaine said...

These are amazing! Thanks for the tips!!

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Kristin said...

What an awesome post!
Love this. Thank you for putting your thought in to this and sharing. Just inspirational. Love it.

Lissa said...

now this is a very cute post. I love that photo from cote de texas~ always have. I big on the neutral thing (maybe too much?) because I always change my style. I see a new magazine or catalog and I want to update. It's a problem. First it was all beach house and now I like adding a bit of an industrial look. Did you see meg ryan's house in elle decor this month? that's my new favorite look! And her kitchen isn't even white!

Leah said...

LOVE this post! So many great ideas! I will def take this into consideration when I look for a new couch!

Revamped French Maison said...

Fantastic advice for the people wanting to decorate and not knowing where to start! I recently painted our entire upstairs-open floor plan living room, dining and kitchen that overlooks into the foyer a very neutral color because I change out colors so often during the year depending on moods.

As for painting everything red and accessorizing in all red...... never again for me!!! I went crazzzzzy with deep red and it made coo-coo after a while.


Sandy said...

Love this blog! The pictures make SUCH a difference & give great ideas.

Holly said...

Great photos! Great ideas! My furnished is neutral, but I have purple much easier to paint a wall than buy or recover a sofa! I also have a selection of pillow covers to change up the look...You are so right!
504 Main

Vicki Flynn said...

I saw something in every room that was just gorgeous!!