Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ahhh Ruche....

It's been a while since I've declared my LOVE of Ruche.

New to the blog and have never heard of it? Or maybe you just don't remember??

Ruche is a vintage inspired online clothing store with AMAZING prices and I mean AMAZING!

I've talked about Ruche before, here , here and here.  I've also posted a few of my "must haves" on my fan page a while back.
I hate to say that Ruche is a "poor mans" Anthro or Tracy Porter but it really IS a less expensive budget savvy alternative to either one of these two. Let's face it, in this economy, we can all benefit from making our dollar stretch!!

Now the price tag may be different from the other two high end stores but the quality isn't!

At least from what I've purchased so far, the quality of the fabric and the details have been great!!

You can sign up for the emails and get updates on sales and new arrivals!

They also have a blog and a facebook fan page!!

You can post fan photos of yourself sporting your new Ruche clothing! (Look for me, I'm on there!)

Stop by Ruche today and come back here and tell me what you think!!!

Hurry there are a few "Just in" items that might go quick!!


Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Wow, why has BudgetBlonde never shopped here????? Thanks for the tip!!!!!

Ruby said...

Did you do the fashion story boards on your own? I need to learn how to do that!
I wish I could buy new clothing,pretty bad for someone that used to run a fashion message board that I have not anything past a new Wal Mart T shirt in the last two years!

Oh and apparently I am a google friend twice eek! Oh well ....did not see me , could not find me, and then said "must of forgotten, and so click" too long of a day for me I think!

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

OMG!!! You suck! My hubbys gonna kick my butt, and yours!lol I found so many cute things over at Ruche....ugh...Those rompers are soo fricken adorable! (my only fear is that my booty is waaaay too big for one) *sad face*
So did you stock up on tissues....for tomorrow! Have a wonderful day! And don't forget the h20 proof mascara! :)

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Ahhhh! and those rings under the "Treasures Outfits!" So reminded me of our man hands! lol I want one though! The yellow one!

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Thanks alot Angie! I just spent the last 2 hours oogling over that site. So many awesome things and too many things i want that are sold out. Hmmm maybe thats a good thing. Thanks for telling me about Ruche - and they ship to Canada which is so exciting!!!

Kristin said...

Gorgeous sets lady! I want to live in the sailing one!!

p.s. Thank you so much for following BonBon Rose Girls! I hope you'll follow us at our new site...we went and got our own .com at: Plus, we're hosting lots of fabulous giveaways this month to celebrate our move...Right now we've got two $95 hapari swimsuit gift certificates up for grabs! Hugs, K

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I love the safari chic! What great motivating weight loss clothes!
Have a pretty night,

Angie said...

I can't take credit for the sets (I probably should have said that on the post) I pulled them off of Ruche's website. ;)

Kerri said...

I love the green silky sleeveless shirt in the first picture! Gonna go check out their website...thanks!

Gracefully Vintage said...

How are ya- thanks for stopping by my blog- love love- new followers- am of you too-
I like the vintage clothing look- so glad i met you and your blog
I will be back- to see more -

Lissa said...

you make me smile! I will have to go check you out in the fan photos! You are such a loyal fan! she must love you!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Love Love Love the online store! Have a great weekend!

Room to Inspire said...

I love that online store, but must say, it has been awhile - so I am off to check out the new stuff! I hope you have a great weekend!


Leanne said...

Lovely Lovely stuff there!!!! I immediately went to the RINGS page (because, you know, WE ARE rings girls!) and I just LOVE them. The whole site is gorgeous and exactly as I picture you - cool, hip, vintage, and fun! Love it!

Rose said...

Never heard of this, must have missed those posts. I'm off not to check it out, thanks for tipping me off.

The Urban Cowboy said...

Wonder how I'd look in some of those outfits?Ummmmm. :)

MaryNeff said...

The LAST thing I needed was a new online shop to stalk.. but I am now obsessed! Love it! Thanks:)