Monday, June 14, 2010

Makeover Monday with a twist

If you follow along on my facebook fan page you already know what I was up to this weekend.

You also already know that I did NOT complete the project due to some faulty equipment.

I did get a little further along than you see here but I don't want to give anymore away until the final reveal!!
Well,  I think you might know where this is headed....
My 3rd Makeover Monday and I have nothing to show you.
This is where the "twist" part comes in to play!!!

Instead of sending you off with nothing to see with the hopes you'll still come back,
 I decided to feature a fellow blogger along with a few of her Makeovers.
This might turn out to be something I do on a semi-regular basis.
(Cause let's face it I really don't do anything on a regular basis)
Alright here we go....
Meet Sommer from the Designer Garden.
I believe the dresser I'm about to show you was her very first project.
This was something she picked up for her son's bedroom.
The color wasn't going to work so....

Out came the paint and a little bit of glaze.
Here's a closer look at the paint job...

Great right??

She also took this outdated coffee table.....

and made it fresh and modern with a coat of black paint

But these are only a couple of the things she's done.

Your going to have to stop by her blog if you want to see how she turned a crib into a bench
or to read more about this.....

Trust me your going to want to see the BEFORE photo of this baby!!!

So stop by and see what else Sommer has been up too!!

You can also follow along with her on facebook!!!

Before I go I want to say THANK YOU Sommer!!!

Thanks for saving me on Makeover Monday and allowing me to show some of your projects!



Ruby said...

Always enjoy seeing Sommer's work!

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Well Happy Monday to you! I really can not wait to see the final reveal! I'm awaiting in total suspense lol and then after that I'm on my way to see what Sommers got going on! TTYL

Viola said...

Thank you for sharing Sommer with us. I just love her creativity. Sommer I am waiting in suspense for the beautiful beast to make her appearance. And oh some of your recent finds like the cabinet with mirror.

Leah said...

Great makeovers! Love that table!

Sommer said...

Thank for having me Angie =) Just so everyone knows the Aqua blue "beast" is not complete. As some of you know already they ran out of my paint! Since I used spray paint on it, I've been waiting for more to come in before I can finish the doors and FINALLY reveal her to you. I look forward to seeing you all over at Designer Garden, and thank you again for inviting me over today Angie =)

La Dolfina said...

Very cool indeed. Thanks for showcasing your talented friend!!!
How's your summer coming along?
I guess you made it through the graduation intact!!!!

The Urban Cowboy said...

Very nice, it's amazing how a little work, creativity, and paint can transform a piece so radically.

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

LOVE all of her stuff!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Renee Finberg said...

no kidding.
these things came out rather nicely.

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh wow...she is one crafty gal. I am loving that dresser. And that black coffee table, too!!

Leanne said...

More cool stuff! Now I have to go check out Sommer's blog! Awe, gees, you design ladies are so inspiring! I love what she did with this dresser! So cool!!!

{jami @ i m a g i n e} said...

Looks like it is coming along quite nicely! Love those green pots! xo -jami

Sandy said...

I'm excited to see the reveal!
I went to Sommer's blog & what fun!
Here I am with questions again: what do you do to prepare the coffee table to be painted? I have one just like it & would like to try that. I know it is Sommer's, but I couldn't find anything on her blog showing the finished product.