Monday, June 7, 2010

Not much of a Makeover Monday...

Can't believe I'm already flaking on a Makeover Monday!!!

If you follow along on my facebook fan page you know I didn't get as much done this weekend as I wanted to. What I did finish I don't want to show because it's a patio makeover for a friend of the family and I don't want to give it all away!!!

I would try to hurry up and finish a Treasure that's oooh sooo close but it's just not going to happen!

I've already spent my morning at the school, this time for upper grade Skills Day.

Best photo I could snap of him all day!!
They're using this portion of the playground as an obstacle course!

I'll be back again tomorrow for Lil' Red's lower grades Skills Day and then Wed. is a the Greek Play for Lil' Man's class and Thursday....

Well, Thursday is D Day as in DON'T bother trying to stop me from crying!!!

As in my Lil' Man's last day as an elementary student.

As in he might as well be leaving for college....

Ok a bit dramatic, but you all know I'm having a tough time with this one

   growing up- so give me a break! ;)

Just so I don't completely skip a Makeover Monday here are a few small projects I finished up.

First up a set of Pottery Barn chairs that I picked up a looong time ago at a bargain store.

I didn't have to do anything to these chairs,
 they were already distressed quite a bit from actual wear and tear.
I used them as chairs for the craft table so it didn't matter what shape they were in.

I'm in the process of changing the crafting area and no longer needed these chairs so...

A couple coats of black paint and they are headed to Jenny's back yard.
If you want to see more of her yard  check out All My Treasures on Facebook!!
Next up...

This was from a previous Treasures Thursday.
The dollar vase I picked up along with the $5.00 Coach bag

I thought it would make a great bookend on a bookshelf.
Of course it needed....

a different color.
Watch out for this one though,
 I might have Mr. Treasures turn it into a lamp for Lil' Red's room makeover!!

So, That's if for today!!

Unless you want to see the saddest photo ever!!!

Mr. Treasures after the Lakers lost last night...

He looks so defeated doesn't he??

Poor guy!!

P.S. I had to turn the comment moderation back on because someone was leaving spam comments.


Marcie said...

LOVE THE PHOTO of you and Jake!
How is it even possible??? Is that the same adorable little baby boy I was so lucky to care for, the first year of his life? It is amazing how fast time goes huh? But, we are lucky, we have each other to lean on and get through these milestones with. Just remember, first day of school next year, breakfast! We are gonna need each others shoulders! Sorry about the Lakers Mr. Treasures! It was a tough one to watch.
P.S. Love the treasures Ang!

The Frugal Designer said...

you cry all you want dear! till you get it all out...then a bit more if you need! i will be bawling my eyes out as my little guy moves along his way. love those chairs in black. love the vase and it would be fab as a lamp!

Trish said...

you still amaze me with your talent...oh and I really could have used those chairs in my dinning room....dang it! I miss out on all the good stuff.

Good luck this week on your D day...mine is Wednesday...{{tear}]...okay lets just not talk about it anymore mkay?

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

That is such a cute pick of you and Jake! Love it, and you can cry all you want...I know I'm gonna! well enjoy your day, and tomorrow...heading over to Facebook, to lookie lookie!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

My eye went right over your sad husbands head and on to the beautifully lit patio, french doors, the works. Wow! I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

New to your blog, and I'm glad I stubbled upon it. Your very creative. I'd like to be able to be more crafty.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

That is a great picture of you and Jake ( I have a jake too!) You look great! so does your nose. I hate my arms too. ugh.
This was a sweet post,

knack said...

such great treasures you have it!

.....and the photo of your hubs on the couch.......made me totally stare.....that backyard, and those doors flung open.....are fantastic!

here in the south ....such things don't happen or you would have a very humid house full of mosquitos!!:)

have a great week!


Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

LOVE the yellow. Can't wait to see it turned into a lamp. You know I'm on a yellow kick lately, lol.

Sommer said...


First of all those are the chairs I just scored at goodwill! Mine will be a buttery yellow when they are finished, love the black!
Second... your boy will always be your baby. I was just thinking my 5 yr old (middle child and most difficult) starting kindergarden this year would be the best thing in the world, until we took her to meet her teacher and I fell apart lol. Your a mom, it's like a birth right to cry.

Last... your living room is simply stunning! I love those back doors and now have yet another must have for my future home purchase!

Lissa said...

poor mr. treasures....

Oh boy, those kids grow up fast don't they? I can't believe it.

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Angie that is the cutest picture of you and your son. Don't be sad, go shopping! Maybe the perfect treasure waiting for you to find it.

scrapwordsmom said...

Angie, sounds like you have lots of fun end of the school year projects with your kids!! I remember all those kinds of things. It all is so different once they are in HS and upper middle school. Sad:(

I am a cryer, too when it comes to my kids and their growing up. It is all good.

Wow! I love those french doors and patio, too. GORGEOUS!

And I LOVE that yellow vase!

Rose said...

I'm like you, just not enough time to get some stuff done! So many "close but not quite" projects in the works.
LOVE the yellow vase, and i bet it will make a great lamp too!
So glad to see you enjoying every minute you can with the kids while they're still young. Time goes so fast, before you know it they're grown and these times will be precious memories to you.

Shawn Seay said...

I love all of the french doors!!

La Dolfina said...

Hi Angie,
I'm here for you all the way regarding your son graduating. Let's hold virtual hands and give each other strength!!! We can do it :)
It's all good...
You have all my love, thoughts and prayers. Tomorrow will be a good day and you will be so proud. I'm with you all the way!!
Good Luck and Congrats to your little/big boy!!!
Much Love,

Kristin said...

Loving your treasures and how you make them beautiful!
Love your love for your family.
And your door on your home all open. Love that!

Happy day to you Angie.

Jen said...

Love the lamp idea!
You will be okay on Thursday...if you don't forget your kleenex.
Sorry about the Lakers too!
Good night!

Debbie said...

Oh Angie, I feel your pain, my son is starting the 8th grade soon, time sure flies. I am sorry I have missed a few posts, I must not have been on when you posted....things are crazy now that the boys are out for summer. I love your glasses! And your makeovers are fabulous too.

Renee Finberg said...

how can we get rid of the spammers.
i have moderation and the still leave their dirty little snags
on my comment form.
congratz on your son's big move to middle school.
i promise....
you WILL be okay.

xx love ya