Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time to pass the torch

In yesterdays post, I told you about my friend Leslie. She received this award and was kind enough to pass it on to me and a few other bloggers who make her happy! What a great award to pass around?!
Who doesn't like to be happy? Or be the source of someone elses happiness?
I know I could use ALL the happiness I can get!

So here are my top 10's that make me happy:
1) As promised in yesterdays post, Blogging buddies are my #1 thing that make me happy.
 It's this whole new world of women just like me!
Available to me more often than the women IRL. (that's blog lingo for "in real life")
You have NO Idea how long it took me to figure that out when I saw it being used all over blogs. HA!!
I love my blog buddies and they are a constant source of happiness.

2) Coffee. I sometimes get really happy at bed time because I realize coffee is in my near future.
If I was choosen for Survivor, coffee would be the luxury I would choose to bring with me.
Yep, I'd give up oral hygeine for it. I-LOVE- COFFEE-

3) My children. Oooh my children. Who knew motherhood would feel this way?!? The kind of happy where I think I might actually burst at the seams. Oh if your a Mother, you know. You know how there isn't enough words in the vocabulary to describe the kind of happy your children make you feel.

4) Music. I couldn't live my life without music.

5) Color. I am a Bohemian Gypsy at heart. I need color in my life in order to remain happy. It feeds my soul.

6) Sand. Not gross wet sand but the kind of warm sand that tickles your toes as you walk through it. Ahhhh sand. I need to plan a trip to the beach soon.

7) The sound of water trickling through a fountain or the ocean waves.

8) The smell of coconut. It instantly transports my mind to a tropical island full of sand, water and colorful flowers!

9) Decorating anything!

10) Home.  Home makes me happy. For a very long time I thought home was the four walls that kept you and your things safe. I thought that it was the house that we lived in. It wasn't until recent years that I realized Home was my family. Home was anywhere we were, as long as we were together.
Yes #10 is Home!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and learn a little more about what makes me HAPPY!

Now it's time to share the happiness. This is really hard to pick just 5! I've told you all before I follow each one of you for different reasons and I love you all equally so I always feel yucky just picking a few to pass an award onto. Can you tell I'm a Libra?? Always balancing the scales!

1) Ruffling Feathers - because of posts like this. Through her photos and her stories I FEEL the joy they have being parents. It makes me happy to see someone like this. That is one lucky kid they have!

2) The Frugal Designer - because, well because she's awesome! She is extremely talented and generous with her time. Her blog is full of amazing tips and steps to hold your hand through any d.i.y. decor project you can think of! If you haven't seen her blog yet you need to check her out here 
She has not only brought me happiness but hope too! That's quite a combo!

3) Everyday Blessings- because she's been my friend for over 20 years. Because she was someone I could trust  to care for my infant son when I had no choice but to return to work many years ago. Because I can call her and just cry, complain or chat. No matter what, she's there. She is a GREAT friend and that makes me very happy.

4) Kreative Knack- because, her imagination makes me want to see things in a different light. She sparks my creativity with every unique project she posts. Because creative people make me happy!

5) Lemonade Makin' Mama- because she makes me laugh! Like spit on the computer laugh. Like kids coming out of thier rooms to find out what's going on kind of laugh! I don't know how I stumbled across her blog but I have always been happy that I did. She made me laugh at a time in my life where nothing else was. She made me laugh when I needed to most. She is insane (in a good way), hysterical, hilarious and a MUST read.

There you have it. Thank you again to Leslie for passing this on. It was nice to just sit and think about myself for awhile! HA!


P.S. if there are spelling errors.... My Bad!!  I'm writing this post late and i'm cross eyed tired right now!


The Frugal Designer said...

omg, yay how sweet are you! you know your descriptions of these other folks makes me want to know all of them, and i couldn't be happier to know you! you have brightened my days for sure...i suppose it would be weird for me to pass on back to you as a person who makes me happy! hahaha you would be on my list for sure, if this wasn't against the rules, although not sure i have seen this in the not allowed section...hmmm

La Dolfina said...

Congrats Angie... well deserved!
I loved your post and reading about the things that make you happy. It's a great list and helped me to get to know you a bit better. By the way, I love Libra's. It's my favorite sign. I missed being one by a few weeks and ended up a perfectionist Virgo. Anyway I'm anxious to go visit your fave 5! Have a wonderful day and enjoy that coffee! I miss it terribly!!

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

SHUT UP! Really! You rock! I can't believe how sweet you are! And I have seriously achieved my goal when I started my blog...to inspire...you just made my day! Thank you so so much!

scrapwordsmom said...

Angie...okay so that's why we get along so well! I am a Libra, too. October 12th is my b-day. When is yours?

I LOVE your list!! Many of them could have been on my list! Like the coconut...my absolute FAVE smell. It transports me to those easy, carefree days of summer when I was in HS. And like you my blog friends are AMAZING. The inspiration out there is AMAZING!!

I used to own a coffee shop called "Gourmet Pleasures". It was so much fun working there. I served all the fancy drinks plus different blends of coffee. I don't drink coffee now but I LOVE the smell:) You would have enjoyed my store I think.

I will check out all the blogs you gave your Happy Award to!! Can't wait.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!


Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Okay wait...I forgot so much! Your top 10's are great!We really have alot in common, who knew? I think I smiled through the whole thing... I shall deem today, Perma-Smile Day! lol

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You are so fun!! I totally agree with you about the world of bloggy buddies. Who knew?? Our poor grandmother's totally missed out!

I totally love that you included me in this! I needed that bit o' blog lovin!! :)

Debbie said...

Awesome Angie, you and I are very similar...COFFEE can't live without it, I recommend the Keurig machine, your life will forever change....COLOR...Bohemian girl, oh yeah!~ And my boys....they fill my heart so much it is bursting out of my chest!!~ Have a great day!!~

Susie said...

Were you inside my brain today lady? 1 through 10...I seriously couldn't have said it better. From Bloggy friends, to Coffee (Yes, I would die on Survivor with java) to kids, to sand, to coconut. You are my siamese twin. :)
Thanks for the positive words.

Angie said...


Robinsgothealth.com said...

Congratulations, you would definitely be my choice. Thank you for the kind words on my blog last night. Keep shining darling...

Yours in Health, Robin

Debbie said...

Thanks Angie, no doubt we would be BUDS!!~ I feel the love!!~ On my third cup of JO and typing about 150 wpm!!~