Monday, April 19, 2010

A sale, a pair of pants and an award...

What a GREAT weekend I had!!! It was Treasures first official sale and it was nothing short of a success!!

Here's a few photos to show you how we set it up. Not the best but trust me if you saw this space before hand?!? Also it's one of those situations where I couldn't truly photograph how it felt in person.

Should've taken this last photo after I finished staging the cabinet. It looks a little empty but once I was thru with it aaaahhhh, perfection!

I couldn't have done it without the help of these 3 lovelies....

Mr. Treasures was a HUGE help! He not only helps me with sanding and painting but he hung around to answer questions and be the "muscle" we needed to send our stuff on it's merry way.
Next up is....

Grandma Treasures!! My Mother, my biggest cheerleader and my best sales person! I mean really!!
You should have heard her when I'd quote my price.
"Reeeally? wow you couldn't get that in the stores"
I mean my prices were fantastic but you gotta love a mom who thinks anything you touch is worth millions!
Next up is my partner in crime...

Marcie from Everyday Blessings

Marcie has been a friend for I don't know HOW many years! She has always been my go to for anything crafty and painted! If I had an idea- Marcie knew how to make it happen! We've talked about doing something like this forever! It just never was the right time.
This time I gave her no choice! I picked a sale date and told all our family and friends.
Really it was the push I needed too!

Now it's time for the Pants portion of this post...
but before I show you the next photo let me say that I had NOT had my coffee yet and clearly
I should NOT be making any decisions B.C. (before coffee)

So tell me...

does your husband do this?
Put something on and start to head out the door and your like "Ummmm excuse me...
are you really planning to wear that out?"

 Mr. Treasures had ZERO sense when it came to clothes back when we started dating, but over the years as our relationship (and income) grew I slowly started molding (did I spell that right?) him.
Until one day my job was complete!
He had a great sense of style, wore a suit like nobodies business and wouldn't even go to Home Depot without changing his clothes.
Yes I had created a monster.
Well, after more than a year of being his own boss and working from home most days,
 he somehow lost it all!
He tried to leave the house in what I can only refer to as his "Yard Pants"
you know the ones they should only wear while taking care of their yard??
Poor Mr. Treasures- I demanded he take them off.
The problem is, once he did, he said "I'll just wear them tomorrow"

ooooh reeeealllyy??

So this is what I did...

Yep, I grabbed the sharpie and had at 'em.
Mr. Treasures just laughed!

But now A.C. (after coffee) when i've got all my senses, I'm feeling a little guilty.
I guess he's not the only one who loved those pants

Alright now for the award!!!

Leslie from Words of me project was given this fun award from Lacie at Creative attempts. Leslie was kind enough to pass it along to me!!!
I hearT Leslie!! Her blog is so inspirational and she is so open and honest, not to mention nice as can be!!
Please take a moment and head over there and browse around!
You won't be sorry!!

I'll be back tomorrow morning to pass it along and answer the 10 things that make me happy!!
I can tell you #1 on the list will be:
Great blogging friends!

Sorry for the long post!!


Dawn said...

Angie...this is so great...congratulations!!! Wish I lived closer to pop by and shop! LOVE the pants..too funny!!

Debbie said...

Loved this post Angie, now I understand your blog name!~ I laughed when you said you had to mold her husband into the dresser he is today....should I dare husband came with me to my 10 year high school reunion, we where only dating about 6 months at the summer day abut 90 degrees....going to a ball game....he showed up in shorts and a turtleneck!!~ So top that one, I could have died! Thank god he is cute, because that was his only saving grace that day!~ Glad your day went well Angie:)

Anonymous said...

Ruined my favorite PANTS!!! Why why why would you do that?

Mr. Treasures

Angie said...

HA! It was for your own good Mr. Treasures. Or maybe it was mine?? I don't know- you know how foggy I am before coffee! ;)

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Angie! I love this post! Whatta great idea! And Congrats on the success of your sale! I am so gonna do this!!!!!! I wish I lived close also! I woulda been there in a second! I was wondering where you have been lately!

Leanne said...

SOOO FUNNY! I'm RUNNING for my sharpie now, too! What a fantastic idea! And congratulations on the HAPPY award! You make me super happy, too!!!!

Susie said...

Ang, did you make that red la cuisine sign? I Heart it!! I want it? Where do I find it?

beachy keen girl said...

The pants are hilarious. And the sale looks awesome - some real treasures!

Kristin said...

OMG, I am dying over what you did to those pants. The hubs would live in tees, skinny jeans and Cons if I let him!

Anonymous said...

You are such a riot!
I wish I would have had some photos of us at Ross today! I am starting to feel guilty for stealing that dress from you. Wanna share joint custody of it? lol! Anyways, AWESOME job on the blog. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of ACE. I think he was feeling bad for Mr. Treasures. But honestly Mr. Treasures, I saw the pants and well, those are great pants to help her sand and paint her furniture. :o)

Susie said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll head over to your pals blog to check out the signs. What a steal!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to label the pants, I need to do that with some of my hubbys old Tshirts haha I am going to start following your blog I just love your stuff. Fun and insightful~

Angie said...

Sara- Thanks so much for following!! Great photos of your vacation!! Your puppy is to cute!! Do you have comments closed on your blog? I'm a follower ;)

Karli @ RockyBella said...

Angie, Can I first just say that i get so excited to read your comments. You are SOOOO the BEST follower anyone could have. I was actually talking about you to a friend today. =)
Second, Did you open a shop?? Am I reading wrong? What is going on... and that blue dresser.... UMM TO DIE FOR! SO cute!