Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I feel like a heel!

Alright, yesterday was the Happy list and passing the torch.  When I sat down to write my top tens, I didn't even think about them. I just started typing and they flowed out. I felt really good about the list. I felt like I summed everything up quite nicely.

Then last night, while driving home from picking up some furniture I asked Mr. Treasures if he read the post.

Of course he did.     

Here is what he said.....

 "Ya ummm I didn't even make the top 10? I mean SAND made the list before me?"


 I had one of those Oscar exceptance speech moments where they forget to thank the most important person in there lives!!

How could I do that??? How could I make a list of the TOP 10 things that make me HAPPY and leave out Mr. Treasures???

YES! Mr. Treasures??

So here is my feeble attempt to make it up to him.
The following are my TOP 10 reasons Mr. Treasures makes me HAPPY!!

Hope you have some time, this could get lengthy.

1) Because, after 8 hours of work he is willing to drive 45 minutes each way to pick up furniture just
so I don't have to. Only to go to work the following day and do it all over again! (btw- stop by tomorrow for Treasures Thursday to see said pieces!!)

2) Because he REFUSES to go to bed without me. Isn't that cute?!? I used to think it was ridiculous but as we've gotten older I think it is just adorable.

3) He's my biggest supporter and the only on IRL ( remember that one ladies?) who follows my blog on a regular basis. That means A LOT to me.

4) He has NEVER ONCE said a harsh word to me in 14 years. And there have been PLENTY of opportunities too.

5) He makes my coffee every morning- and if for some reason I have slept in he'll pour my creamer in a cup, place it in the fridge and insert the new coffee disk. The best part about those days is there's always a note. I almost like those days more than coffee served in bed.

6) He is always trying to make sure i'm happy.

7) He is always trying to do better.

8) Because no matter HOW tore up I look, he still thinks i'm the best thing ever!!

9) He's a great father who cares about making his children feel special and loved.

and the # 10 reason he makes me happy....

His bedroom skills.  I know, I'm sorry for the T.M.I. but come on ladies he's a man- and we all know that out of ALL the great stuff I listed, # 10 will be the one he's most proud of!



Debbie said...

Awwwww, Man that was awesome!!~ His chest is spread like a peacock now Mr. Treasures!!~ You certainly made up for your lack of thought on yesterday, I never even thought of it either as I read. Sometimes we take our most beloved for granted!!~

Anonymous said...

That does make up for the oversight from yesterday. Thanks Love. Hope your morning cup of Coffee was as good as ever.

Mr. Treasures

Julie said...

Cute post. Thanks for stopping by my blog & touring my screened porch today. To answer your question about the oil paint: it's supposed to be better with weather changes & not cracking as much as latex, and also, I've learned from past experience that spray paints tend to oxidize & can transfer a "paint powder" to clothes, etc. Good luck with yours!

Susie said...

Ahhh....Poor Mr. Treasures. Sand...that was a sad comment although I must say I might have forgotton my big lug too.

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Awww that was cool! I'm glad he feels better. If my hubby read my blog he would probably say the same thing...except it would be Skittles? Really? LOL!

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Does he have brother?

scrapwordsmom said...

This is darling!! Mr. Treasures looks and sounds like a gem.

You are making me feel guilty now as I didn't mention my wonderful husband in my Top 10 post. I was wondering what I was gonna post I know!!!

LuLu & Co. said...

Awwwwww how sweet your husband is and how loving you are!!! That was such a great post!!!! made me teary eyed... my hubby is on travel and now i'm thinking of all the ways he makes me happy!
I am sooo excited about your sale and taking the steps to follow your dream! I was so touched to know i inspired you to go for it. All your items looks wonderful, of course it had to be a huge success!! thats so awesome!!

Kristin said...

Holy crap lady. You've got a keeper!

The Frugal Designer said...

Mr. Treasures sounds like the most wonderful man EVER! Maybe you will share...hahaha

Angie said...

HA! Your killing me ladies!! No sharing here Mrs. Frugal!! Although maybe I can work out an arrangement if you keep kickin' me down those awesome layouts!! I KID I KID!! ;)

The Frugal Designer said...

I would be willing to share my 2 year old! ahahahah I swear he's cute sometimes in addition to the evil genius character he plays in his spare time! hahahaha

Rose said...

Awwww, I do believe your Mr. Treasures and my hubby were separated at birth!
Mine not only does the 'wait for me to go up to bed thing', he also refuses to eat dinner without me. No matter how late I get home. AND he does all the grocery shopping and cooking!
I'm glad I read this, as I probably would have forgotten to include him while making a favorites list too. The things we take for granted...
I'm off to give my hubs a big hug now.

Leanne said...

Awe!!!! MR TREASURES!!!!! What a GEM!!!!! Sounds like you both are PRETTY LUCKY, Angie!!! This is really just about the sweetest thing I've ever read!!! LOVE it!

Anonymous said...