Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day photos and a Mr. Treasures update...

I'm working on putting together the Treasures Thursday post to show you everything I've picked up this week but, I reeeally wanted to do a post in honor of Earth Day.  So Treasures Thursday will have to wait until later on today. 

It seems like everyone in blogland has got you covered as far as the "Green" choice you could be making. I've seen everything today from clothing, cleaning products to suggestions on what you can do to cut down on your negative impact.

I felt like you didn't need me to point you in any direction as far as that's concerned.

 Instead I'll just post some photos that i've taken recently. 

Hope you enjoy them! Don't forget to stop by later this afternoon to see my Treasures!!

I LOVE each of these photos as is but imagine if I acutally knew how to use photoshop!?!
I think they'd be amazing even if I do say so myself!

Happy Earth Day!

Oh ya almost forgot!

You remember yesterdays post right?

Well, after Mr. Treasures read it he first told me it made him emotional (insert sigh here)
then of course he said something to the affect of "After reading what you wrote I wanted to marry me"
Which got me thinking....
It's easy to post all the great stuff,
maybe I should share just a few things off the list of

"What doesn't make me happy"

Ya don't ask why his nice comments made me think of posting this list.

I can rarely make sense of myself! 

It's a short list but here it goes...

1) The WORST case of adult A.D.D. you will EVER witness!!
You know that saying "if it's not attached to him he'll lose it"? Ya well in Mr. Treasures case even if it IS attached to him you can bet he'll figure out a way to lose it!

2) The man does NOT know how to shut a cupboard
Dear Lord this one drives me nuts!!

3) He'll drive 3 blocks out of the way to NEVER stop at a red light!
No kidding, there's no telling what kind of detour the man will take in order to keep "makin' the green"

I guess I wanted to make sure you all know he's human!

He's not perfect but he's oh so close!!

Just keepin it real



Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Okay That was almost more awesome than yesterdays post! I can relate....I once found the remote in the fridge, guess he thought he had to trade it for the ice I absolutely love that 2nd picture! It is gorgeous! It is heavenly.....Angie, I believe you've got quite an eye for finding the beauty in things...that brick wall was a great addition to your little collection!

Anonymous said...

See, there she goes ruining a perfect post from yesterday with some VERY minor flaws of mine. Come on ladies, wouldn't you say the GOOD could make you look past those little issues??? I lose a lot of stuff and NEVER shut anything, but those are small details.

Mr Treasures.

Mom2AngelBoys said...

Yeah, but the cupboard doors are open because he was getting out the stuff to make your coffee! LOL!
He is a great Ang!
Oh and the red light thing, I have guilt all over my face too. I HATE red lights. Maybe it is a birthday thing.

Angie said...


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

OMG you are way too cute!

The Frugal Designer said...

Well you know, i think i would still like one of those hubby's, hahah do you know mine breaks EVERYTHING he touches. it's weird. i bought both of us new headsets for our cell phones, he dropped his on the way out of the store and ran over it! then he decided to use mine (of course because he works outside of the home and all that jazz) and broke it also within a week. Fell out of his pocket...whaddya know.. surprise surpise! sigh! hahaha

Pat said...

Those pics were awesome, I recognized where a couple of them were taken.
Oh and Mr Treasures you know I love you with or without flaws. You gotta admit that was a pretty awesome tribute about you.

Rose said...

What beautiful photos you took! Can't believe they weren't photoshopped either. They really took my breath away.
Then I went down further and read the disclaimer to yesterday's post (I have to go read that one now, as I always read blogs backwards)
My hubs is just like yours in the cupboard door dept. (and drawers too) I keep threatening to take them off the hinges....Right now I'm resigned to following behind him and shutting doors..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE the NATURE pics--that butterfly is just amazing!

Leanne said...

The photos are beautiful! Such a wonderful tribute to Earth Day. And the Mr. Treasures update? Absolutely PRICELESS! So funny! And let me tell you . . . my own Mr. Treasures has 3 of the same "Not happy" habits! (Those cracked me up!) Love your blog, Angie! Just love it!