Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How sweet is this??

I sat down to check my emails yesterday and look what was waiting for me in my inbox...

My new friend Robin from

was kind enough to give me this award.

I'm thrilled to receive it! I know that my blog doesn't even compare to most of the amazing blogs that are out there. I'm not a writer, my grammar is horrible, my picture quality is poor, my text is plain and I don't even post on a regular basis.

However, when I do post, it's truly about something that matters to me.

So, thank you Robin and thank you to those of you who follow.

You really are Treasures to me.

P.S. Do make sure you stop by and check out Robin's blog. This gorgeous woman gives all kinds of great tips and advice on eating right and working out. One look at her and you'll want to listen to what she has to say on a regular basis!!!

P.S.S. with this award I'm supposed to write a few things that you may not know about me and pass on this award to a few other blogs. Be sure to check back later for that info!!


Susie said...

Darling you deserve it! Your blog is great. It's a kitchen sink blog...A bit of this and a bit of that. That's why I love it. :) BTW, Thanks for making me feel better on the nursing post front. You are such a sweet virtual pal....and the reason I now shop at Ruche. :)

Shawn Seay said...

You go girl. Your blog is fantastic cause it is straight from the heart!
Have a blessed day!!!

Kristin said...

Oh yes you do deserve this award.
I love how Robin's blog is so inspiring.
Yours is too. Know this.

Looking forward in the near future to hearing the seven things about you that we just don't know.

Happy day to you Angie.