Thursday, September 10, 2009

We made it!!

Ok so if my kids didn't already KNOW that I'm crazy- they do NOW!

WE MADE IT!!! Never mind the fact that I showed up 15 minutes earlier to make sure NO ONE could possibly park closer than me ;) The hubby went with me to ensure I stuck to my word and waited in the car. The kids get out early on Thursdays (glad I picked today to start- I don't think I could've waited another couple of hours) at 12:50 I could hear the bell ring and at 12:58- here's what I saw.....

Is it just me or do they look annoyed? For the life of me I can't figure out why?? ;) Baby steps right????


LuLu said...

I'm laughing only because you sound like mE!! I walk my kiddos into school.. yep I park and in we go... all others pull up to the gym door and out hop the kids. I park and walk in! SHHH I blame it on having a 1st grader... my 8th grader rolls her eyes! My 4th grader is easy going and doesn't mind it!
maybe I better start this challenge!

Mom2AngelBoys said...

Yes, they do look annoyed! I am proud of you!
Baby steps, but steps in the right direction!