Thursday, September 10, 2009

Treasures Thursday

The last few weeks I've managed to collect quite a few Thrifty Treasures. First up, my finds from the local Goodwill. Click on any photo to see it larger.

This cross is just gorgeous and for $1.00 how can you go wrong?

Crosses seem to be the theme on this trip. Here's a necklace I scored for $3.00

This one is a dragonfly necklace. A steal for $1.50

This entire display cost $7.50

I got this metallic bowl for $5.00. It was originally from Pottery Barn for $35.00 It still had the old price tag on it!!

Lately I have a weakness for these tarnished trays. This one cost me $3.00

And I'm ALWAYS a sucker for a Fleur de Lis!! This ceramic vase was a whopping $4.00

The next couple of Treasures are from a local vintage shop here in town called Vintage Flair. If you follow Heather Bullard's blog this is the shop her friends own. She recently did a post on it. It is my favorite vintage store here in town!!

This vase was originally attached the top of the candle stick you'll see further down this post. I thought it would make a perfect planter so I pulled it off the top- very gently!! Cost $29.00

I'm always a sucker for chunky jewelry. These are from a local girl who uses vintage buttons to make bracelets. I fell in love with these two. The top one has a Fleur de Lis and the bottom one has the huge gold butterfly. Two of my favorite things!! Cost $18.00 each

I recently added a very small island to the space between our kitchen and game room. It's a gorgeous distressed, chippy white island with a black marble top that I purchased at another one of my favorite vintage stores in town. (I'll post a photo later) Anyhow I've been on the look out for the perfect chandelier to go above and low and behold Vintage Flair had exactly that! Cost $30.00

Here's the bottom half of the $29.00 dollar candle stick. It just needs a candle now!

Hope you enjoyed Treasures Thursday!!! Tell me, have you found any lately??

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