Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The end of the World?

It's 9/9/09 "The last set of repeating, single-digit dates that we'll see" According to Nostradamus and several other online posts today was supposed to be the day the World ended. Well, we made it past 9:00 am and it's now an hour past 9:00 pm so unless his watch has stopped, so much for that theory! ;) However, it was the day my Dashboard would cease to exist. I don't know how but every one of the blogs that I follow have been wiped away from my dashboard!!!! I'm soooo bummed!! I mean there are the ones I follow faithfully (you know who you are)that won't be an issue to redo. But I had begun to rely on that thing more than I should have. There are blogs that I never looked at the name again after I tagged them as my favorites. Those are the ones that will be hard to track down again. Anyhow, sure am glad it was only my dashboard and not the world! ;)

P.S. anyone know any secrets to retrieving the list?

Ok so I logged back on this morning and miraculously all the blogs are back?? Very Strange!!!

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