Monday, January 2, 2012

Everything happens for a reason...

It all started Thursday before new years eve. I was suffering from a fever and an upper respiratory infection that was certainly getting the better of me.

Final score:   ANGIE  0 /  U.R.I. 1 

It definitely had the home-field advantage.

Friday wasn't going any better for me and it was looking like we weren't going to be ringing in the new year at any parties. Finally the day came and I was feeling well enough to join the festivities at the Nelson family who happen to live up the street from us (makes driving home on New Years Eve soooo much safer).

 We started off the night by Mr. Treasures showing off his mad pizza skills...

And ended the night with celebratory horn blowing and silly string fight...


But It was the middle part that dictated the title of this blog post. Some where in the middle of this amazing friend filled evening I met Lori.

Lori is a fellow furniture fan who once upon a time owned her own store here in town. She has an eye for design and also worked for many years as an event planner locally.

 If I am being honest, we met briefly a week before but it was late at night and only casual hellos were exchanged.

 It was on this night, the night of endless possibilities, that Lori started to tell me her vision for 2012.
Actually, she started to tell me my vision for 2012.

 We spent the rest of the night scheming, plotting, pinteresting ( how long before this will be a word in the dictionary?)  and browsing past projects.

  At one point Mr. Treasures even joked " I think you found your soul mate".

  Lori's enthusiasm was in full force, something I've needed more of for quite some time.

 Before parting ways at 12:01 January 1st, we exchanged phone numbers. The afternoon of January 1st, she had already joined Treasures Facebook page (All My Treasures) and sent me a text wanting to go treasure hunting.

I had just sat down to watch a movie with Lil' Red so I could not partake, but made plans for the following day.

Somehow in the excitement of all things new, extra time with my kiddos and medication for the previously discussed chest cold, I managed to forget our plans.

 Around noon today I saw the text that Lori had sent several hours earlier, reminding me of our treasure hunting plans. Sadly at that point I was knee deep in supervising "The Great Backyard Cleanup of 2012".

As I began making new plans (that will not be broken promise Lori!!) her enthusiasm became infectious.

 For the first time in a very long time, I painted.  

 And while I waited for the first coat to dry, I decided to see how the new knobs would look....

Aren't these "Pull" knobs cute?!

 I still need to paint the second coat, add a little black to the inset of the drawer fronts and distress the whole piece but I'm liking it so far.

 The best part?  While adding the knob I found something written on the inside....


I am finally out of my funk and 2012 is looking pretty bright. 

Thank you Lori. I am really looking forward to our business venture.

Yep, everything happens for a reason.


P.S. The desk was previously owned by a friend of my M.I.L's. She sold it to me for $10.00. What her friend probably doesn't know is that I had to steal it from my M.I.L. after I bought it. HA!

 Anyhow, the desk is going in Lil' Red's already very colorful room. I asked the FB Treasure fans to vote on white or black. 

I'll give you three guesses which color won.

P.S.S.  Here's a before photo in case you are interested.


Sommer said...

Yay I'm so glad it's white!! Those knobs are adorable!

Angie said...

Thanks Sommer! It does look great in white! Now to get it in the room and find a chair. It never ends does it? :)\

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

Good for you Angie...glad to see you finding your passion again. Happy New year to you and many blessings.

scrapwordsmom said...

I have missed you, Angie!! I am soooo happy you have found your voice and your passion again!! Sounds like you have the beginning of a wonderful friendship:)

Angie said...

Thanks Debbie and Leslie!! Glad to be back ;)

Dawn said...

SO glad you are back Angie!! And, Yes I too believe everything happens for a reason, and YOU have found your
business/painting/treasue hunting soul mate!! Cheers to a fabulous new year!

Angie said...

Thanks Dawn!! I emailed you last night but just in case I wanted to leave a comment here too. Really looking forward to catching up on your blog!!!

Kay Ellen said...

How exciting I am thrilled we met~~and I even met Lori too!

Thank you for stopping by the store and I really enjoyed our chat:)) A divine appointment is what I call it!

I will keep you posted about the outdoor event:)

Hope to have my blog updated for 2012 events soon!

Kay Ellen

Emreen said...

Love the 'pull' knobs...!!

Angie said...

Thanks Emreen! ;)