Monday, May 31, 2010

Makeover Monday!!!!!!

Well let me start off by saying HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!  Along with a  HUGE  Thank you to all the men and women who serve in the military and fight for our freedom!!

I took a vote last week and as you can see Makeover Monday won!! So let's get started!!!

We'll start of with an easy makeover. Remember the Chandelier I scooped up??

I took off the sleeves and cut the wires. Then I took screws and attached the plate back on.


Now it's an outdoor Chandy ready for a party!!
(not the candles that will be used with it but all I had on hand to show)
Next up...

The freebie table from last weeks Sidewalk Sunday.

One coat of paint and...

Isn't she cute???

Thinking I might give her a little more detail but not sure yet.

This next one is my favorite just as much as my least favorite!!!

We had a rough time with this one but the end result....

Ooooh so worth it!!!

Thanks for stopping by for the first official MAKEOVER MONDAY!!!!

Hope you enjoyed it!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Treasures Thursday!!!

I'm usually later in the day with these posts but for an anxious friend ( you know who you are) HA!

 I decided to go ahead and post it sooner!

I have ONE Treasure to share today.

"Only one?" you ask?

"Yes, only one. Cause she's oh so worth it! She's going to be a puuurrrdy one, once I'm done!"

This is one of the reasons I LOVE cracklist craigslist.  I'm constantly searching the site for freebies or close to it!  Recently someone asked me "What's your secret?"

No secret really, just a few things to keep in mind while browsing the site.

1) ALWAYS check the "free" section. It amazes me what people just GIVE away!?! 

For instance, Do you have a young child that loves to draw?? 

 Look what someone is giving away. FREE! Now they may not cost that much in the first place but still FREE is FREE!

or maybe you need a desk for little Timmy's room?   You just need to know how to work a paint brush and a screw driver and this can be a gorgeous desk!

Have you checked out the prices for kids desks recently?

Just yesterday a free patio set came up that was gorgeous!! It went so fast I can't even show you a photo!

2) When browsing the items for sale I select "for sale by owner" some retailers try to be sneaky and post so you can't tell but it doesn't really affect my search much because of #3.

3) Put a dollar limit on what you search. If your trying to be budget conscious, why torture yourself by possibly finding something gorgeous out of your price range?  That's like shopping at Nordstroms with $3.00 in your pocket. TORTURE!!!  

So I select, $0 to $50 because that's all I'm willing to pay for something that I plan on transforming. It keeps it low enough I never feel guilty about bringing home new (to me) stuff. Or if I plan on selling it, its' how I'm able to keep my prices low. 

Ok have I dragged this out enough?? Are you ready to see what I found??  This baby came from Nikki's part of town ( sorry Nikki- sort of) HA!

Ok so she doesn't look like much right now but ooh she has good bones!!  Here take a closer look....

That's some really great detail right?
And check this out...

Ya, there are 3 drawers with these. Love, right?

All the drawers are lined with ( I think faux) vintage newspaper

either way it looks fab!!!
Best part?? She cost $10.00
I will have to figure out how to remove and repair this...

But that's a small price to pay, am I wrong?

Alright before I go, I know that I have been sloooow to show any transformations.
Because of that, I am going to try reeeally hard not to pick anything else up (ya right)

I'm going to focus on getting everything I've collected beautified and off to good homes.

The reason I bring this up is I'd like your input,

Should it be......

Makeover Monday


Transformation Tuesday


(Insert your ideas here)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ok so I'll never be a hand model...

While at Peir 1 yesterday (picking up supplies for one of the patio makeovers)  I found some really cheap inexpensive rings!! I'd show you a photo of me wearing the rings but as you can see from the title of this post....

Well let's just say Vanna and the girls on The Price is Right won't have to worry about me taking their jobs ;)

Now normally I'd lump these "Treasures" in with the rest on Thursdays but tomorrow's Treasure deserved a post all her own!!! So don't forget to come back by!!

Alright, First up...

These 2 rings. Are they to much for you? I don't mean $$ to much $$ I mean to much like you wouldn't be caught dead wearing something that big and gaudy?

NOT me!
I LOVE them!!
and for $3.00 each how can you go wrong?

Just in case you can't get a true sense of their size...

This view alone explains the hand model thing ;)

Oh well, I have other talents! I'll be ok!

The rings weren't the only thing that caught my eye....

This plate was clearanced for $4.00.

I LOVE everything about it! The colors, the pattern!
It reminds me of Debbie  don't you think?

It's where I'm headed in my home decor right now!!

I also came across this...

For over 2 years now I haven't had a rug in our Master bath.

The colors in here are gold, rust and brown.

When I saw this rug was clearanced I couldn't wait to get it home.

Sadly once I did, I felt like I had compromised on the size that I really wanted
and with a clearance price of $39.00, I started to think I could do better.

We'll see, maybe this will turn out to be "the one that got away"


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sidewalk Sunday!


This post is much later than I planned!!

 I met up with some old friends from high school for lunch this afternoon.

That's me in the hat! It's been 20 years since I've seen these girls ;)

       I had such a great time, I ended up staying longer than I thought I would!

      So before it's no longer Sunday, let's quickly look at the newest Treasures.

 First up is this trunk I got from a friend of the family Sheila.

 I'm making over her patio for her so while I was there taking measurements she was cleaning up her garage and decided to give me this gorgeous treasure!!

Here's a peek inside,

Not sure how old it is?

She also gave me a side table

It matches the coffee table I got from my first estate sale.

She also had this vintage Grey Hound wagon,

I know there are a few of you that would love to call this "mine"
She'd look great in the garden with some flowers right?

Lately it seems to be all about the vintage sign.

This is a vintage metal sign that she also had laying around!

There were also some other great knick knacks she was kind enough to "donate to the cause"
but for some reason the photo wants to load sideways??

I figured, I made you wait long enough, I really don't want to make you jump through hoops to view a photo!

Anyhow, I'm guessing that this curb shopping is somewhat contagious because...

This is what Mr. Treasures came home with yesterday! It's actually 2 trunks. I was just to lazy to move the top one of to take separate photos!

Aren't they gorgeous???

He was driving Lil' Red to Grandma's house when he saw these being dragged out to the curb.
He's so cute! He stopped and talked to the lady for a bit and got the background info.

I guess her MIL is a bit of a hoarder so they were "helping" her get organized.
Which meant, throwing out most of what she owned.
He said "Do you mind if I take a photo and send it to my wife? I think she'd want these."

If I keep writing all of this nice stuff about him, I'm going to have to do a post of all the things he does to tick me off- just to balance everything out! ;)

I almost forgot, I'm going to try REALLY hard next week to get as much as I can done!
For starters,
I  need to start showing some of the transformations!

Also Rayan over at The Frugal Designer is having a GREAT giveaway!

It's really a refreshing change from the normal giveaways!
There are several ways to enter but one of them is submitting a project and receiving votes.
So I'd like to see what I can come up with for it!

So there's that and I got an email from a friend about a boutique sale she wants to have in June


Enjoy what's left of your Sunday!!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quick Summer Beauty Tips

It's been a while since i've confessed my obsession for all things Tracy.

While daydreaming around her site today, I came across this recent post.

Don't ask me how I managed to miss it!

Anyhow, thought I would share.

Hope your all having an amazing weekend!

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for Sidewalk Sunday!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In case you were wondering

                            I've been sick :( 

I missed a lot this weekend and obviously missed posting "Sidewalk Sunday"

I decided to go ahead and keep you in suspense until next Sunday.
                     (I know, I'm mean)

 That being said, I didn't want to go an entire week without posting something for you to read so...

   I thought I'd give you another peek into Treasures past.

Last time we left off in the Living room.  Now let's head to the Kitchen. We don't have far to go, basically you just need to turn around while standing in the Living room.

Silly me, I should have said "Let's take a look at the Kitchen and Dinning room."

I know, it's very small, but I loved it! This was my very first kitchen remodel!
Wanna guess how much it cost?

Let me start buy saying that there where 10 upper, 7 base cabinets and two pantry cabinets. ALL wood.
I also had granite counter tops installed and the tile backsplash with the decortive tiles. 

Any guesses?

Let's take a little better look around...

This area was empty before. It is where the kitchen table would normally have sat.
As soon as we started the remodel I had the wall between the kitchen and living room torn down which left this space available for more cabinets and much needed counter space.

Next up is the main wall of the kitchen,

This is the view from the living room area. This home was built in 1952 and the kitchen hadn't been updated. When I redesigned it I took out drawer space inorder to fit in a dishwasher.
It was a trade I was willing to make!
Now when i'm asking you to guess how much this kitchen cost, I'm not including appliances.
Just the demo, install, cabinets, granite and tile.

Go ahead take your best guess!!

Oh one last thing,
you know how in the beginning of this post I said  I should have said let's take a look at the kitchen and dinning room?
Well here's what I really should have said...

"Let's take a look at the kitchen, dinning room and laundry room/pantry"
Yep! Just when you thought we couldn't pack anymore into one teeny tiny space...

Here's my "laundry room"

slash pantry..
 There used to be a door here giving you access to the hall.  It seemed really silly to me because if you wanted to walk all the way around instead of using this door, I think it might have added 10 extra steps to your trip.  getting rid of the door left us plenty of room to install a pantry.

Don't ask what my reason was for taking photos at the angles I did, I have NO idea why??

alright laaaaast chance to take a guess...


If you want deets, ask me how!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Treasures Thursday!!

It's that time again!!

Let's take a look at all the Treasures that came home with me this week!!

First up...

This gorgeous coffee table. This photo is the back side, you'll see why in a minute.

LOOK at that detail!?! Gorgeous right?
Here's the front view,

The empty space is where this...

is supposed to go but since Mr. Treasures wasn't here to help carry it in...

Well I had a little mishap. I'm sure we can fix it. If not I'll come up with something.
For $15.00 not bad huh?

But you know what I love best about this table???

The previous owners son must understand the joy in finding Treasures.

Here's what he left behind for someone else to discover...

Adorable right? The lady I bought it from said "Oh I'm sorry, let me get that off of there"

I asked her to leave it. I'm going to attach a little note with it showing the date I acquired it.
I secretly hope someone I know buys it so I can deliver it and see how long before someone else discovers this little Treasure.

Next up....

Isn't the shape of these GORGEOUS!?!
$15 for both!!!
I'm not sure what color I'll paint them but I do know I'm going to suggest they be used as side by side coffee tables instead of end tables. I think they're more interesting sitting next to each other.

How about you?
Next I've got a couple knick knacks to show you...

I paid $3.50 for everything you see here.

Here's a couple close ups...

Won't this guy look fab painted that same Evening Blue by DecoArt?

I can see him perched on a book shelf as a bookend!
and then there's this guy...

any suggestions? Paint? Leave him alone?
How about uses?
I know the usual bath soaps or hand towels but what else can we do with him??

Ooooh I LOVE this next one and I think most of you are going to as well...

This guy cost me 50 cents!!! I've seen something similar in blogland.
They painted it cream with a black chalkboard square on the front and wrote "towels"
Not sure, maybe I'll do the same?

Next up, remember the sneak peek photo I placed on facebook?
Did you figure out what it was??

It's a chandelier that I found for $4.00.  Oh it has the PERFECT patina on it.

All I need to do is use some wire cutters to get rid of the candlestick portion of it. You can see in the photo I already removed one. Now it's ready for some pillar candles and a patio table.

Gorgeous huh??

A great friend of mine called me a couple of days ago and told me her children's private school was having a "rummage" sale.

"Wanna go?" she asked.


That's where I found all of my Treasures I'm posting today.

I do have one more Treasure to share with you.

I saved the best for last.

YES, it's real. 
Trust me, I know.
In my past life I was very familiar with their products.
Let's just say Coach, Louis, and Mr. Marc Jacobs were my Three Amigos!

Anyhow, Grandma Treasures has been wanting a shallow, wide purse
(the eye sight's not what it used to be)

HA! I posted it like that JUST for her! ;)

I spotted this little lovely and asked "How much?"

"oh, I don't know, what do you want to pay for it?"

(talk about serving up a softball??)

I said "Oohh I wouldn't even know where to start?"

she said "how about $5.00?"

Do I really need to finish this story?