Thursday, May 27, 2010

Treasures Thursday!!!

I'm usually later in the day with these posts but for an anxious friend ( you know who you are) HA!

 I decided to go ahead and post it sooner!

I have ONE Treasure to share today.

"Only one?" you ask?

"Yes, only one. Cause she's oh so worth it! She's going to be a puuurrrdy one, once I'm done!"

This is one of the reasons I LOVE cracklist craigslist.  I'm constantly searching the site for freebies or close to it!  Recently someone asked me "What's your secret?"

No secret really, just a few things to keep in mind while browsing the site.

1) ALWAYS check the "free" section. It amazes me what people just GIVE away!?! 

For instance, Do you have a young child that loves to draw?? 

 Look what someone is giving away. FREE! Now they may not cost that much in the first place but still FREE is FREE!

or maybe you need a desk for little Timmy's room?   You just need to know how to work a paint brush and a screw driver and this can be a gorgeous desk!

Have you checked out the prices for kids desks recently?

Just yesterday a free patio set came up that was gorgeous!! It went so fast I can't even show you a photo!

2) When browsing the items for sale I select "for sale by owner" some retailers try to be sneaky and post so you can't tell but it doesn't really affect my search much because of #3.

3) Put a dollar limit on what you search. If your trying to be budget conscious, why torture yourself by possibly finding something gorgeous out of your price range?  That's like shopping at Nordstroms with $3.00 in your pocket. TORTURE!!!  

So I select, $0 to $50 because that's all I'm willing to pay for something that I plan on transforming. It keeps it low enough I never feel guilty about bringing home new (to me) stuff. Or if I plan on selling it, its' how I'm able to keep my prices low. 

Ok have I dragged this out enough?? Are you ready to see what I found??  This baby came from Nikki's part of town ( sorry Nikki- sort of) HA!

Ok so she doesn't look like much right now but ooh she has good bones!!  Here take a closer look....

That's some really great detail right?
And check this out...

Ya, there are 3 drawers with these. Love, right?

All the drawers are lined with ( I think faux) vintage newspaper

either way it looks fab!!!
Best part?? She cost $10.00
I will have to figure out how to remove and repair this...

But that's a small price to pay, am I wrong?

Alright before I go, I know that I have been sloooow to show any transformations.
Because of that, I am going to try reeeally hard not to pick anything else up (ya right)

I'm going to focus on getting everything I've collected beautified and off to good homes.

The reason I bring this up is I'd like your input,

Should it be......

Makeover Monday


Transformation Tuesday


(Insert your ideas here)



Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! k...first thanks for not holding me in suspense any longer! I can not wait to see her finished! and second...where? I look a couple times daily...and didn't see this beauty, but then again I only search my surrounding cities...I hate driving down the hill unless its really worth it :) and this one totally would have been! Good find my friend!

Debbie said...

Angie I really need to see all these awesome pieces you find transformed!!~ You find the greatest stuff...and this piece is it!

Sommer said...

Love it! Great piece Angie! And great advice on searching CL. I do the same thing. I limit my search to $50 max then I low ball. I also have been known to email people saying, hey if it doesn't sell and you want rid of it let me know. I have gotten free stuff that way too! Let me know how you get the paper out of the drawers, I have a 1930's vanity with wallpaper in the drawers ugh!

Sommer said...

Oh forgot to mention. I like Monday makeovers. I'm always looking forward to my Monday morning coffee and catching up on all my blogs from a long busy weekend =)

The Frugal Designer said...

ok, i am loving her! those details, that dentil molding! oh fab! and i think i like transformation tuesdays because i think it is a nice balace to treasures thursdays...

Trish said...

How do you find such great deals???

I never find anything cool like that...I guess that's what I get for living in Po-dunk ville!

Kristin said...

Your finds amaze me!!!!!
Have a happy day!

Viola said...

Your finds are truly amazing. I look forward to seeing all of the great transformations. I like the make over Monday, because I am gone a lot of the times on Tuesday and don't want to miss anything. haha

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Ten bucks!? That's even better than the desk I posted about this week. You have skills. I love it!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

What am I waiting for to try out craig's list! I have never used it although I keep threatening to! Ten dollars! What a deal! Good for you!!! I love it!

scrapwordsmom said...

Thank you for all the Craigslist tips. I'm gonna have to check it out. You do get such GREAT deals!!!

I like Treasures Thursdays still:)


sweet european dreams said...

this will be a beauty for sure. What's funny is that I've been on Craigslist this week in search of a dresser for my kids - ummm, one just like THIS would be great! Can't wait to see her transformation!

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Hmmm how about both ha! Either one is perfect for me - just can't wait to see them.

Have a good weekend Angie!!!

jami @ i m a g i n e said...

Great find Angie! Can't wait to see the transformation! I have a 'Makeover Monday' series on my blog 'imagine' and it's been pretty successful with lots of good feedback! Transformation Tuesday sounds cool too :) -jami

Chels said...

Cant WAIT to see what you do with this!!! What a great "bare bone" piece!

The Urban Cowboy said...

I could never find deals like you do.

Rose said...

Oh Angie, that piece is great! I've never tried Craigslist, but then the curbs yield more than enough for me around here.
I'm with you on the turnover, sometimes it's so easy to acquire and not so easy to get the work done. I vote for Monday!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh I cant wait!!! Hurry...xoxox Susie

Shawn Seay said...

wow. what a find. I cannot wait to see her transformation! And I own a couple of the gawdy rings from pier one, also! so fun!!!

Debbie said...

Angie, have you not come to realize with me...expect the unexpected...I am so NOT predictable!~ Have a great day my friend.