Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treasure Thursday

Time to show you the Treasures I picked up from the Estate sale last weekend!!

First up is this gorgeous coffee table...


Along with these two beauties...

I believe they were $4.00 total
I love beat up vases, even if they are only made to look that way and not actually beat up ;)
and how cute is this owl??
One of these days I will have a gorgeous bookcase and he will be proudly perched on a few of my favorite books.

Remember I arrived late in the afternoon to the sale? I don't even want to know what awesome peices left before I arrived, or their low price tags :(
One thing I forgot to share with you during Sidewalk Sunday was this unusual guy....

Can you tell what it is?  When I first glanced up I thought it was a bird. It is acutally what's left of a tree that had once stood there. About 10 years ago the tree caught fire and caught their garage on fire as well.
The city came out and cut the tree down but were unable to figure out a solution for the portion of the tree that grew AROUND the electrical wires.  So they left it!!!
I don't know if you think this is as cool as I do??
Maybe I just don't get out enough? ;)
This next piece I found at a yard sale on our way over to the Estate sale.

She's all wood and only cost me $5.00.
Not sure what color she'll get???

Next up....


 While on the hunt for some tea pots/cups for a really cool Mother's Day gift idea (Thanks to Debbie)

I didn't find ONE tea pot or cup!?! ERRRRR!!!

but I did find...

A really cool vintage suitcase, a new jewelry display, a cool morrocan patterned shelf & and an & sign!

Here's some close ups....

Pretty cool huh?

Oh ya and while trying to find a place in my "studio" a.k.a garage for these new treasures look what I found

This cool galvanized tray. I added a couple of the glass jars I picked up on a recent hunt.
Gotta love it when you find something you forgot you owned!!!

Almost forgot, I'm glad to hear that most of you think I need the trailer and not the intervention

Phew!  That was a close one!

I do think that I maybe need to slooow down a bit on the Treasure hunting and possible start a

Transformation Tuesday!!

So I'll actually start working on these pieces!

Alright, no time to proof read the kiddos get out of school early today!


Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Hi Angie! I love that coffee table, i can't wait to see what you do with all your new treasures. I still can't get over what awesome things you find and for practically nothing! I wish i lived by you! That suitcase is perfect! I have a bunch of teapots, what are you looking for?

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

oops i guess i shouldnt have followed instructions meant for your mom. If i would have clicked on the link before my first comment i would have known why you were looking for a teapot - i love it - i might have to give that a try one day - can't wait to see yours.

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Ok I couldn't even finish reading your post before I started freaking weird! I just picked up a candle holder yesterday identical to the Moroccan patterned shelf! Yeah it had this weird candelabra thing in the middle so I decided to cut it off and was left with this...Check the before out here and after here Really? How often do you see something like this! Trippy? lol k! I'm gonna go finish reading...lmoa!

Debbie said...

I think everything is SUPER! I really like the owl and vase, you scored venture will be the tea cups!

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

k so um I already left you a crazy long comment, so I'll just say I love everything you got! can we say AMAZING! That does look like a bird! If I saw it, I would be the blond stopped dead in her tracks staring at just waiting for it to move( and if it didn't I'd probably try to throw something at! Awesome finds again! I'm glad you made it to that sale so we could see all the cool stuff you got!

Trish said...

Ilove the vase and the cream bookcase...$5.00 are you SERIOUS!!!! What a deal!!!

I need to go yard selling with you!

Anonymous said...

Ladies, the last few things that you just saw were purchased after Mrs Treasures was put in "time out" from buying "treasures"!!! I used to have a 3 car garage, now I have a NO car garage, cause it is packed with "treasures". All of you ladies are just enabling her!!!! This will be a lame analogy, but you know how they say don't feed the animals..... Just my 2 cents, which at the treasures home is not worth much. You ladies are awesome and I enjoy checking your comments.

Mr Treasures

Angie said...

Ok- Don't bother listening to Mr. Treasures! Just today he was sending ME links to stuff on craigslist!!! ;)

Rose said...

I'm digging that suitcase!
And the teacup birdfeeders have long been a fav of mine(reminds me I have to reglue mine). Your mom will surely like one.
One of the downsides to finding so many great things at once is you have to work hard to catch up with projects so you have room for more!
(a rule I tend to break often)

Room to Inspire said...

Seriously - you totally scored - you always have the best finds! Clearly we need to go shopping together!


scrapwordsmom said...

Super cool stuff. I mean seriously you DO find true treasures at unbelievable prices!! I want to be there, too. Love that kind of thing:) That coffee table is cool and that owl...I love birds, owls, etc.

So fun, Angie! Thanks for sharing.

Shawn Seay said...

Awesome finds!!! ANd I think the tree left behind on the wire is cool too=) Have a terrific weekend!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Girl, I am so totally into galvanized stuff. Love it!

Sandy M. said...

What fun treasures you found! Can't wait to see what you do to the bookcase! I have a couple of bookcases that I just never even thought of jazzing up with some paint... now I'm ready to hit the paint aisle!

Jen said...

FABULOUS coffee table!!! That is sooo my style! Are you going to paint it or keep as is? Take a picture of it when you get it settled in your home, would love to see where it's going :-)

Angie said...

Hi Jen! I'm not sure what i'm going to do with it. I think it would look gorgeous painted but at the same time the top is beautiful! Tough choice!