Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sidewalk Sunday!!!

This Sidewalk Sunday is a little different than the rest.

Why you ask?

Well it's not because it's been like FOR-E-V-E-R since I've posted one.

No, it's because this Treasure was spotted by none other than the Lil' Man!

He's not only good looking, great at.... 

Knockin' fools out, and brave enough to...

pick up Snakes-

He's also great at....

finding Sidewalk Treasures!!!

 You see, this all started about 6 months ago. Lil' Man decided he wanted to buy himself an IPad.
So, he came to me and ask if he could help with making over the Treasures we gathered for some $$$.

I told him I loved that he was interested in helping but other than  prep work or cleaning up, there wasn't a lot he could do.

 Now Lil' Man, being the entrepreneur in training that he is, said "how about if I find furniture? Would you pay me?" I said "Sure, if you spot something on the sidewalk or at a garage sale and I can use it, I'll pay you a couple bucks" He sat and thought for a second and said "How much?" 

I said "I don't know, I guess it depends on what type of piece it is" 

He sat for a second longer and said...

"I don't want a flat fee- I'll take 10% of whatever it sells for"

All of the sudden Lil' Red chimed in  "Me too!"

And so began the next six months of interesting car rides with my children- each screaming "I SEE A (fill in the blank) IT'S MINE- I CALLED IT"

For one reason or another so far, it hadn't paid off for the kiddos.

That was until the other day when Lil' Man was on his way to school and he spotted the desk.

I can only imagine his friends face when he told him "Hang on- let me take a photo of this desk and send it to my Mom" HA!!!!!

So there I am, on my way to work when I get this text from the Lil' Man- "Mom, what about this? Is this a good piece?"

I smiled from ear to ear all the way to work. 

Now I just need to hurry up and sell it so I can pay the darn kid!!!

Here's a better look at the side of the desk....

Next up, this Sidewalk Special came to Treasures courtesy of Jenny.
Jenny has been my #1 furniture fan so far.
She's purchased more pieces from me than any other customer.
I just finished working on a bench for her outdoor seating area and arranged for Mr. Treasures to drop it off.
That's when I got a call that she was leaving me some stuff out front.
Thanks Jenny!!!
As usual, Mr. Treasures happily picked them up for me.

I've never seen an end table like this before.

Here's a look at the side...

Any suggestions on what to paint it?



Debbie said...

Oh Angie he sure is a handsome young man...SMART too which makes it all the better. Of course lil red chimed in...she can be the manager of the money HAHAHA!!~ Great pieces.

Design Blooms said...

Love those pieces! A deep orange red would be beautiful for the bookshelf thing!

Angie said...

Great idea Design Blooms!;)

Sommer said...

Oh my goodness I just love you kids! I'm thinking the 10% thing is a great idea to have an extra set of eyes out for me though =) What a smart boy you have! And I love the desk! The table is funky, not sure what I would do with that one.

Susie said...

Handsome and smart...a future Mister for my Missus'. :)
Love the 10% comment. Move over Donald. LOVE the desk. He's got a good eye. :)

scrapwordsmom said...

Ok, Lil' Man is very handsome!!

i love what he found...he is on his way;)

Trish said...

what a great idea to make the 10% profit...what a smart fella!

What about doing a newpaper mashe'(have no idea how to spell that word) since it kida looks like it would hold newspapers or magazines underneath....maybe?????

knack said...

love the desk your little man spotted! awesome! it is so great to get the shorties involved isn't it!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I thought he was so cute that I laughed out loud and...well, I will leave out the part of what came out my nose! But darn, you have one cute kid!

Shawn Seay said...

That is an awesome desk!!!!