Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Our Favorite Furniture Hacker!

You have NO idea how many times I tried to have this post!!?? First there was a problem with blogger, THEN there was a problem with me and THEN the power went out!!! 

Well, it's all better now cause finally-

Rayan from.....

Is here today to give us another step by step tutorial!!
(better late than never- right Rayan?)

This woman is A-mazing!
She really takes ALL the work out of figuring out how to be a Do it Yourself-er!

Check out this cool project she put together for us!

Mr. Treasures and I love to end the evening reading a book or watching a little t.v.
This would certainly come in handy!

Hi Everyone! Rayan from The Design Confidential here...Excited to be visiting with you today! I hope you enjoy this fun little project and perhaps even give it a go...

Plans for the bed can be found here, if you are interested in building that!

(don't ask what happened here- I have NO idea! stop by Rayan's to find the missing photo- HA!)
This project is really simple and can be modified for an even easier build if you don't have access to a miter saw or any saw for that matter.

2 1/2" Pocket Hole Screws (if you are a Kreg Jig Owner)

2 1/2" Screws

4 -2" Casters

Wood Glue

Wood Filler


Finishing Supplies


2 - 2x12 @ 8'

Tape Measure


Sander - optional - you can hand sand depending on the boards you choose.

Kreg Jig - optional - this allows you to hide your connections and form strong joints, however, traditional countersinking screws is always an option as well.

Saw - optional - you can have your local lumber supply cut your boards and skip the mitered corners.

1 - 2x12 @ 75"

2 - 2x12 @ 35"

Using a Pocket Hole System will provide the most professional appearance, however if you aren't using one, pre-drilling and countersinking is recommended.

Check for square after each step, and adhere to all safety standards.

This can be built without mitered corners, you would simply need to shorten the legs by 1 1/2" if you plan to keep it the same height.

Height is adjustable if you prefer more space between the bed and the table. Just be sure you account for this prior to cutting your boards.

Cut your boards to the appropriate length and miter the outside edges on both sides of the top and one side of the legs. Fasten using your Kreg Jig set to 1 1/2" stock or use 2 1/2" Screws from the top of the top down into the legs.

Attach casters to the legs, and fill screws holes, sand and finish as desired! Easy Peasy...and so convenient for reading, working on a laptop or breakfast in bed!

I hope you enjoyed this fun and fast little tutorial. Feel free to browse my other plans, hope to see you soon! Xx Rayan

Thank you so much Rayan!!!

Don't forget to  head over to The Design Confidential to see what else Rayan's been up to!

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