Saturday, July 3, 2010

The first step is admitting you have a problem.....

I've been M.I.A. this last week due to some Internet problems. Don't you just hate when that happens??

Have you ever watched the show Intervention?

 Picture me and the rest of my family twitching and suffering the side effects of quiting cold turkey.

It wasn't pretty.

Mr. Treasures had to work as usual so he missed out on the ALL day boredom fest we were having at home.

Day one we decided to walk our local mountain....

and stop for some photos on the bridge...

Then we came home and swam the rest of the afternoon.

As with most things your quitting (voluntarily or not) the first day isn't to bad.

It's the SECOND one that really starts to suck!!!

Lucky for Lil' Red,

 her "Mimi" (Mr. Treasures mom) called and asked to take her  to Ojai to spend the week with family.

That left the Lil' Man and I to fend for ourselves.

It took one day of watching the paint dry on my game room walls (literally) before I realized  we both might snap if we don't do something.

So we headed for the beach...

Crystal Cove to be exact.

Where Lil' Man explored the rocks...

While I tried desperately to snap the best photos I could with my cell phone...

I look flustered don't I??

We didn't last at Crystal Cove for long. Lil' Man wanted to body surf and the current was just to strong.

So we headed off to Newport Beach for the rest of the afternoon.

We also went to the movies.

Anyone else see the A-Team movie??

or are you all Eclipse fans??

This is probably blasphemy but I don't get IT.

As in I couldn't get to paragraph 2 of the first book.

As in I watched the first movie and didn't like it.

Try not to hate me for it!!!

I promise I'm usually very easily entertained but this is one vampire flick I can happily go without!!

The rest of the days the computer was out we spent reading and catching up on all our chores!

Oh ya and driving back and forth between our home and Grandma Treasures for a quick Internet fix!!

Have a safe and HAPPY 4th of July!!!!

See ya back here for Makeover Monday!!


Debbie said...

Hi Angie, I would have gone NUTS without internet! Well you made due for sure. Not an eclipse vampire fan myself, don't get it. When we rented it at home...I thought that was it, what is all the hype about...oh well! Have a Happy 4th! We did see the new Karate kid movie....very good, I loved it!

La Dolfina said...

Hi Angie... just wanted to pop over and wish you a Happy 4th of July!!!!
You need a party :)

Lissa said...

I went and saw Eclipse last night and LOVED it! My husband said I watched with a smile on my face the whole time.

Have a very happy 4th of July! I wish it was hot enough here to enjoy all of the things that you're doing but it's supposed to warm up this week! finally!!!

Sommer said...

I'm glad you have your source of entertainment back lol. As for Eclipse. I don't think I've ever run to the bathroom so fast during the movie, I may have even forgot to wipe lmao!! I loved it! I'm a total fanatic!

Angie said...

HA! Sommer you crack me up!! ;)

The Design Confidential said...

It took me a month to get past paragraph 2 in the frist book...not sure what it is about that darn first page...but then, omg i couldn't put them down and my lil sis wasn't reading them ahead of me fast enough! i liked the first movie, the second one was slow as was the book, but the 3rd...this is where it starts getting good1 most people loved the 3rd best, i personally obsessed during the 4th and im so sad there isn't a 5th :(
ps my word verification for the day seems to be...sunkshei...

The Urban Cowboy said...

If I was that close to the beach I'd be scuba diving EVERY chance I got! As far as twilight? You got to be kidding me...more of a true blood or 30 days of night kinda vamp liker.

Have a great fourth of July Angie!

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Hey Ang! You are so freakin funny! Love it! want to see Eclipse...but prolly wont...Saw Toy Story3 was good! I cried *psst...I cry at everything* lol...The beach looked fun! I think I would go nuts too...but it would be a blessing in disguise, cuz lord nows I've got a bit of catching up to do on my chores..tee hee...Yes So Have Independence Day! I hope you are enjoying your mom/son time with Lil' man!

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

You are a better woman than me, I could not have done it! Glad you are back!

Leah said...

So happy your back! Happy fourth!

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

OMG i think i would die!!!! What a horrible thing to have to go through. What doesnt kill ya makes you stronger right? Right!

scrapwordsmom said...

I have been without the net before and HATED it!! We leave for vacation soon and I am already wondering what I'll do without it. Looks like you did lots of fun, family things though and that is good:)

Eclipse was great!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh girl, you are such a crack up. Yes, I love Twilight and went to the midnight showing of Eclipse, but don't worry, I won't hold your lack of lovin' it against you at all!! :)

Trish said...

So how are things going in your 12 step program on LOI(lack of internet)????....hehehe
Love your pictures and the mohawk is just awesome!!!!!

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Yeah, Eclipse. I just like seeing Jacob Black with his shirt off.... he's 18 I can say that, lol.

knack said...

sometimes computer problems are a good thing......i get a needed breather and can focus on other things....that is when i'm not focusing on my computer not working:)

glad you managed!


Renee Finberg said...

i AM nutz without the internet.
you survived....i am proud!!

love xxx

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Isn't it amazing how addicted we are to the internet!Yikes!
Ours was down a few months ago ... awful!
Glad you are back up and running!!!
Have a pretty day!
Kristin said...

Look how much you can enjoy without a computer to take up your! I am so jealous Newport Beach, uh huh would love to walk out the door and head there for the afternoon...sorry but I just don't feel sorry for! Boys and there rocks. I still find them in the dryer every once in awhile :O)

Kerri said...

So glad to hear I'm not the ONLY one who doesn't get the whole Eclipse/Twilight thing! My friends are all discussing it and I have no idea what they're talking about...nor do I have any desire to know!
Glad your computer is working again! I like to think I would be fine without it for a couple of days...but then again...that's the first sign of an addiction- DENIAL!
Oh and it would be my dream to live by the are sooooo lucky!

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh, Miss Angie...there is a surprise waiting for you over at my blog:)


Sandy said...

Could you PLEASE send some of those cool temperatures eastward? Specifically, around Aug. 21?! It was 102 on our way home today, once we hit the flatlands (which means it probably was 92 in the mountains!) But we are back in air conditioning now.
Never had any interest in any of the vampire stuff at all!!! Loved TS3 though!
And love your flag/fireworks picture!!! Soon as it cools off a little bit, I'm ready to get back to some Monday Makeovers, but not in this heat!
Looks like you had a great time w/your boy. Enjoy those times..they'll be past before you know it.

La Dolfina said...

Hi Angie!
I'm getting worried about you... are you still having internet problems or are you seeing lots of movies or just totally enjoying your summer? The point is that I miss you here in blogland... please come back!!!!!!!!