Monday, May 10, 2010

Check me out!!

Stop by Words of Me Project to see my interview with Les,

                            ( I can call her Les,  cuz we're friends!)

Every Monday she interviews a fellow blogger for her "Make My Monday" posts.

Thanks Les for making me feel so special!!


scrapwordsmom said...

You are so very welcome!!! It's kind a cool seeing my face on someone else's blog:)

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

That was an awesome interview! I love reading those. I have a question, maybe its a silly one, we are always talking about all the amazing women bloggers but i'm curious, do men blog too?? If they do i'm positive they arent as amazing!!!

Rose said...

Congrats on your interview Angie! It was great! Les did a nice job with it.

sharonlei said...

Aww great feature.. :)

xx Love & Aloha

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Trish said...

you two crazies crack me up!

Love ya both!

Pemberley Court said...

That is so funny that my post today was "Random" as well. :) How fun to do an interview!!!! My sis just turned me on to Tosca Reno a month or so ago and I really want her books!!!!