Monday, February 1, 2010

The Vintage Clothing and Textile show

On Sunday my Mother and I drove down to Pickwick Gardens in Burbank, California to attend the Vintage Clothing and Textile show. It was our first time attending a show like this and I have to admit it was a bit overwhelming. Sort of like a child being dumped into the middle of Disneyland without a map. So much to see and so many people! We were told that a lot of stars attend the show but we were unable to spot any. You could however spot the "industry" people. As well as the die hard vintage fans.

I'm in the far right of this photo with the hat and black purse. Apparently my mother and I both noticed the "vintage" fans at the same time. She just happened to be the one with the camera at that moment. ;) Here's a better photo of these ladies.

You wouldn't know it judging by the look on their faces but they were really good sports about posing for a photo.

I didn't have much luck as far as the vintage clothing was concerned.

I think the look on my face says it all as far as these pants are concerned.

This coat was like wearing a couch! It was soooo heavy!! I'm sure there were some great pieces available at this show. It just happened to be the loud and funky ones that kept catching our attention.

Next we moved on to hats. I'm a HUGE hat fan! I currently own 31 hats, I know this because I stopped typing this post to go count them. I'd show you photos but my closet is pretty scary right now so that will have to be a post of it's own another time.

I didn't come home with any of these hats but still had a lot of fun trying them on.
My Mother has an annual Mother's Day Tea Party where it's mandatory to dress Victorian. This would be a perfect hat for the party!

This one had a great paisley band around the top (I wish this photo showed it better) I'd actually wear this hat on vacation somewhere tropical.

This black hat was really cool, but WAY to small for my head so the photo doesn't do it justice.

I wasn't a fan of this blue hat but my Mom really loved the back of it and wanted a photo.

Next was my Mom's turn...

Sporting the floppy purple hat. Which happens to be my Grandmother's "signature" color. The vendor sold it to us for $10.00 so it's on it's way to Grandma's house soon!

This green velvet hat was much cuter in person. Well as much as a bright green hat can be. This one was also $10.00 so my Mother went ahead and bought it to add to her collection of tea party hats.

Last but not least was the jewelry. There was a TON of it! There were probably a hundred cases that were loaded like this one.

There wasn't anything in particular in this display that caught our fancy. We just wanted to have a photo to show of some jewelry. I did find some pieces that I couldn't leave behind.

This cuff was the perfect bronze color with a gorgeous topaz colored stone. Can you see the detail in the wrist portion? It's a flower pattern all through out the metal. LOVED it! And for $30.00 I wasn't leaving it behind!

Another inexpensive find was this ring...

I'm not sure what the stone is or whether it's real or not. I don't even care if it isn't really a vintage piece. I LOVE it! See the detail on the side of the ring?

It was only $10.00 and again for that price, I couldn't leave it behind. After spending several hours maneuvering through the maze of vintage booths and people we decided we'd had enough for one day and headed to lunch.

Which by the way if you've never eaten at Hamburger Hamlets I strongly recommend you put that on your list of things to do! I'm not a burger fan myself but decided to give it a try. I had the
Steakhouse Blue Burger. It was a pepper crusted patty, tomato, Bermuda onion, Wisconsin blue cheese, horseradish sauce and A1 sauce. I had mine minus the horseradish and onions. It was amazing! Not exactly on my list of "clean eating" so I only ate half the burger and filled up on fruit once I got home. Well that was my Sunday- How was yours??


Lissa said...

that burger sounds delicious! So nice to meet your mama! Looks like you guys had a fun day together!

Pemberley Court said...

Wow!!! So fun....I didn't even know about the vintage clothing show. Definitely a girls day out thing, though I know my hubby would go for the burger!

Shawn Seay said...

O how fun! Looks like you girls had a blast.
Blessings! said...

You two had an awesome day! There is nothing like spending a shopping day with dear it! oh and I love that bracelet, you did good!

Yours in Health, Robin

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

What a bunch of fun! I'm really hungry for a burger now too... thanks a lot. :)

~La Rustique Market~ said...

Looks like you guys were having fun! Have a great day!


Loving Life in Southern California! said...

Looks like fun! I love the pink one with the flowers!

Debbie said...

Love doing that stuff with my Mom too!!~ I actually have a few hats like that myself,and I do wear seem to like all the same things I do....and enjoy life~ Your blog is really cute. I am going to hit follow and add you too my new blog roll...I have been blogging for a little over a month now...I LOVE IT!!~ Came at a perfect time for me as well...I have been a stay at home Mom for 12 years...I need some ME time. I just posted a little home tour, I am linking up with another blog party for tomorrow...come check it out...Debbie