Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Tracy Porter inspired purchase!!

Ok your probably sick of me going on and on about Tracy.

Yes, I call her Tracy, no last name needed.... were tight like that, she just doesn't know it yet.

I could literally spend all day watching the inspiring videos she posts and listening to every word she speaks. I would LOVE to "support the cause" and purchase everything she makes but the lack of funds in the Treasures bank account make it impossible for me to buy anything.

This is where Ross comes in. Remember my last post on the look a like plates I found?? If not, swing by my previous posts and check it out. There weren't any plates this time but I did find these coffee mugs.

$2.99 each, not a bad price tag no? They remind me of her Marseille line. See for yourself.

Not identical but like I said "inspired by" and for a savings of approximately $75 dollars they are close enough! ;)

Since were on the subject of thrifty purchases, check out what the hubby surprised me with on Valentines Day.

Have you ever checked out the prices on ceramic garden stools??? If you answered no your in for a shock. Take this one for instance

I googled the words "ceramic garden stools" I clicked on the link that said affordable home decor. That's when I found the green one above with a sale price tag of $173.00! Now if you were willing to settle for white you could purchase it for $139.95 HA! There were some garden stools for almost $700.00 dollars- $700.00!!! Go ahead, click on the link and see for yourself!

Well, I spied my garden stool at Big lots. Yep, you read that right. You see I got suckered er I mean I volunteered to decorate for my kids Valentine's D.J. Dance party at school so I headed out to Big lots to see what sort of decorations I could score for cheap. That's when I spotted the stool. I didn't buy it that day, nor did I ask the hubby to buy it for me. In fact I was pretty sure he didn't even notice me admiring it. I assumed he was knee deep in a Laker game update on his blackberry. Guess when they say "you shouldn't assume" they are right.

Are you ready for the price tag?? It was a whopping $20.00. No joke!

It's ceramic, has the same cut out design and the raised circles. As far as I can tell the only difference is the color and the price tag. Now I'm not a fan of the blue but that's what they make spray paint for right???



Dawn said...

Ditto Ditto and Ditto on all things Tracy!! Love your find. So funny about the garden stool...Last summer Tracy had a red one in her catalog for $300!!! I had seen some at Costco for $39, but didn't buy...long story short, we re-did our backyard and I NEEDED garden stools!! Went to Costco and got 2 Robins egg blue ones on CLEARANCE for $19 each!! So, Like you I am all about the inspiration, and then the hunt to duplicate!! Don't forget to comment on T's site for the giveaway!!!

Alixe said...

Hey there,

I scored something similar at Home Depot for $50. Not as inexpensive as yours but still a bargain compared to other sources. The deals are out there. You've just gotta have a hawk's eye.

Angie said...

So true Alixe! Thanks for stopping by! ;)