Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 12 has come to an end

Day 12 has come and it's almost over. I wouldn't say that there was anything particularly....

about today. It was one of those middle of the road kind of days. The kind where the day goes by for the most part uneventful. The pendulum never swings to far left or to far right. The kind of day where everyone just walks around numb, quietly keeping to themselves. It was something in the air here at the Treasures household.

I spent a lot of my time reading about living my life to it's fullest all while curled up in my reading chair. At some point I did manage to snap out of my zombie state to form one thought. It went something like this- "hmm I wonder... Is this what the author had in mind when writing her inspiring words? Did she envision me sitting like a blob almost reading myself into a coma?"

I need both courage and perseverance. Courage to continue being the Mother that I want to be and Perseverance to overcome the lulls and continue to try to live each day to it's fullest. The day did end on a better note. I managed to peel myself off the chair and we all headed to Saturday night service. Tonight it was all about a program they call 180/360.

The 180 being about the changes you can make in your own city and 360 being the changes you can make that affect the world. They talked about the orphaned, poor, sick and the problems they face near and far. There were (heart wrenching) videos of children with Aids/HIV. Most of them starving and without electricity or clean drinking water. Needless to say it puts things into perspective for you.

That's some kind of courage and perseverance isn't it.

There was also a 30 day challenge posed to us this evening. A challenge where you have the opportunity to Live Radically and Love Authentically. So starting tomorrow we will participate in this challenge where each day we will "go without" something so that we can better understand..

1) How truly blessed we are.

2) How much suffering there is in the world

I think this will be a great experience for my family. Anyhow I'll end this post on an unrelated funnier note.

It was my daughter's night to pick dinner. She chose Mc'Donalds. Now let me first tell you that I have a weakness for crunchy burnt fries. The kind most people would throw out. My family thinks it's hilarious but they are kind enough to pick all the "gross" ones out of their box and hand them over. So we're on our way home from Mickey D's when my daughter goes "here mommy here's a gooood fry for you." I happily take it like usual and pop it into my mouth. When I realize it's ALREADY wet? So I nervously ask (not sure I really want to know the answer) "Honey, why is it wet?" she said "Oh I licked it" NICE! Gotta love "pre" licked fries from your children. Magical right?

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Let it Shine said...

OK, cracking up! Great story. My daughtter likes to "taste" things first too. Ha!!
Sounds like it was an awesome service, and will be an eye opening experience for your family.
Thank you for the link :)