Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Year the Christmas Tree Stayed Up...

Yep,  you read that title right.

2012, the year the Christmas tree stayed up and I mean up! From Christmas 2011 all the way through to Christmas 2012. There was a moment half way through the year where I thought I'd make the best of it. Almost convinced myself it was all planned out. I give you, The 4th of July Tree...

 That was the one and only time it was decorated for any other holiday besides Christmas.

Truth be told, it only came down in January of 2013 because Mr. Treasures was tired of seeing it up and took it upon himself to bring it down. Why fake? Easy- I'm allergic to pine (sucks I know) but it is what it is. Why leave it up an entire year? Well, that is not so easy to answer.

2012 seemed to be a year that I gave up. I waived my white flag, surrendered to anything and ignored everything.

I had my moments, moments where I thought I was going to pull it together and somehow manage to be all things to all parts of my life and everyone in it.

 I had moments, where I was able to see clearly, determine a goal and head off  full speed ahead,  in what later turned out to be about 85 directions at once. This obviously led me back to the waiving of said flag mentioned a moment ago.

Towards the end of 2012 there was a lot of painting. Which actually gave me a false sense of accomplishment. I somehow kept allowing myself to get swallowed up by all the success I was having. It seemed as though a ball was rolling downhill and I was strapped to it.

Both loving it and dreading it equally.

Loving it for obvious reasons.

 I am a creative soul. I NEED to create.

 To have others want to purchase what I have created or to trust me enough to transform furniture they already owned?

Well the feeling that gives me,  only another creative soul could fully understand.

 Why the dread?

I am still working full time (reluctantly) and I am still a wife and mother.

 If I am painting, I am not with my family.

It's was and is a tough balance for me.

 The Christmas tree obviously represented everything that just didn't or shouldn't matter.

Anything that took my focus away from what really mattered and at the same time, it became a constant reminder of what was suffering all around me.

By the end of the year I was ready to for it to stop. I was ready to be better in 2013. I was ready to find a balance and a peace that I had not had in all of last year or several years prior.

This is it!   2013!

 This will not be a repeat of last year. This year will be different. This year will be better.

And to start it off?

This will be my last post on All My Treasures.

Yep, This blog is being "taken down" just like the Christmas tree.

I am now.....

The change has already taken place on Facebook. If you would like to follow along to see what an amazing difference 2013 will be, you will be able to find me soon at  The site is still being worked on but should be up and running soon. Make sure to check it often and once up, add it to your blog feed.  

Like the furniture I transform, like the corner of my living room where the Christmas tree once stood, I have been...


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