Monday, March 21, 2011

A Mission, A Dinner and the Modeling Clay...

The dreaded 4th grade Mission project.

 The deadline is drawing near all the while my dinning room table is being held hostage to the bits and pieces that we hope will soon resemble the grounds of the San Juan Capistrano Mission.

Only one problem, the clay that Mr. Treasures and Lil' Red picked up for the project NEVER hardens.
Yep, just like it says on the package.

I haven't had a chance to pick up any other kind of clay nor do I have flour (that would mean I bake) in the house in order to make our own. So we have $20.00 worth of clay, with NO use for it.

Tonight, while eating dinner  (at the other half of the table not being consumed by the project) I asked the kids about their day. Lil' Man started to tell me about wood shop class and how his teacher finally operated one of the machines today instead of talking nonstop about his travels around the world. He then began to tell me about his P.E. teacher who is obsessed with everyone "suiting up" and his dreaded English class.

As he was talking, I began to play with a piece of the clay, rolling it the way you'd roll a map. The end of it resembled a cinnamon roll. I showed the kids and they laughed.
Now, it was Lil' Red's turn to tell me about the mean 5th grader who had a date with Karma.  It was a tether ball match up that appeared to be lopsided. On one side Lil' Red's friend, a very meek, soft spoken girl - on the other, the Meany.

By  some cosmic payback to all that have been pushed around, the tether ball came off the pole, flew up in the air and managed to come down right on top of the mean girls head.  I asked Lil' Red, "Do you know what that is?" she answered "Yep, Karma."

Now of course I didn't stop there, we talked about what might be going on in mean girls life that would cause her to behave that way. We also talked about ways to handle any situation that might involve mean girls.

By this time, I had rolled the clay into what looked like the handset part of an old telephone. I held it up to my ear and said "hello" again, everyone laughed.

Mr. Treasures said "What can you make out of it?" and just like that we found a use for the clay.

Lil' Man took the receiver part of my phone and came up with this

While Lil' Red was hard at work on her laptop

 Mr. Treasures was working on his Football

Think someone might miss football season this year??

Next was a cell phone

 Followed up with a computer

complete with mouse and keyboard no less!

There was a penguin,

and an airplane

(Momma needs a vacation)

This went on for the rest of the evening.
 I think it might have been the best dinner I've ever had.



Leanne said...

These CRACK ME UP!!!! SO funny . . . and yes, that's one sad looking airplane! Hey, I thought of you this weekend...I have a new favorite BIG RING that you would LOVE, and I wore it all weekend. It made me laugh to think of the last time we posted hand pictures (seems like years ago). Keep working that clay ... It's fantastic!


Tammy @ Type A said...

to funny! you need a break girl, take a staycation! xx

Nikki said...

How funny! You have go tsuch a beautiful truly are blessed :) So 4th grade is when they do those missions huh? Yay! {ah ha smart alec} Have a great week Ang!

scrapwordsmom said...

Your family is just awesome, Angie!! I love hearing about your adventures...and this clay was certainly that. I love your bright, optimistic attitude, too.

That is why I keep coming are awesome!

Le Anne said...

Angie, I enjoyed this post. I enjoyed following your families dinner. How you insert lessons. Love how you have fun together. It made me smile. Keep being a good momma!

Renée Finberg said...

can i come over and play??

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Angie, How I remember the days of the school projects!!! I love how the whole fam is joining in!!!
Have a pretty day!
Kristin said...

Awww Angie! That was such a charming penguin though!
xoxo Cat @ BudgetBlonde

Leanne said...

Just thinking of you today and wanted to leave you a smile over here. Hope you (and the treasures family) are doing well!!!!