Thursday, July 29, 2010

Treasures Thursday!

It's been a while since I've posted one of these. The plan was to have Makeover Mondays to show you how I transformed all my Treasures. The problem IS I started working full time and have had even less time to dedicate to the makeovers than before. I hope to find a balance very soon!! 

Anyhow,  the makeovers aren't the only thing I've fallen behind in....

The blog has suffered as well.

I've had posts that I've been excited to share with you but couldn't find the time to write them. 

I've received awards....

 that I happily accepted but then never passed them on (horrible, I know)

So even though it's late Thursday evening I decided, it's TIME!!

Now, this is a Treasure of a different kind.

This Treasure is friendship.

You see quite a few weekends ago.....

Nikki from....

Was having her first sale EVER!!!

I was so excited to see her stuff. She is TALENTED! Take a look for yourself....

This photo had all 3 of my favorites! The table, the zebra chair and the crates!!

The table and chair were already sold, so one of the crates came home with me...

Anyhow, Nikki and I have swapped stories and along the way became blog friends.

When I realized she was only about 30 minutes away from me I decided....

I'm going to her sale!
(note to self: stand up straight during photos)

It's silly really, but I felt like I was going on a first date!

                                          I was so excited to meet her!

We all know how we feel about our blogging buddies.

How even though they are virtual, they add so much to our lives and truly become friends.

So much so that we wish they lived in our town, so we could meet for coffee and a Treasure hunt or two.

Well I got lucky enough to have that wish come true!!

So even though I'm busier than ever before..
(the same goes for Nikki too! Her stuff is selling like crazy!)
I plan on taking advantage of this Treasure and hangin' with Nikki again!!


P.S. Take a second and stop by Kreative Knacks FB Fan page 
as well as  and check out the many other projects Nikki has!
Tell her I sent ya!

P.S.S. Award will be passed on soon.....  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can you help a girl out???

My friend Linda from Painted Whyte is headed to Las Vegas, Nevada as well as Anaheim and Huntington Beach, California for vacation.

However, she also wants to do a little shopping to add to her inventory. Can anyone tell us some great places that Linda MUST see??? 

So if your familiar with antique shops, thrift stores, vintage boutiques, salvage yards or anything else that fits the bill in any of the above mentioned locations leave a comment with the info!!

She leaves in just a few days so we've got to act fast!! Let's see if we can help Linda score some GREAT Treasures!!!

Thank you!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Come find me over at.....

Your Blogger Has Been Confiscated!

But only temporarily...not to worry!  I will return her in one piece, safe and sound in just a bit.  For now you can find her over at my site sharing a fabulous Guest Post with my readers.  I hope you will visit her and say a little hello.  She will want to know that you are well cared for while She is gone...

Click on the banner below to see what She's up to!  Xx Rayan - The Design Confidential


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Remember this?

Do you remember this photo?

It was a sneak peek I gave you a while back on facebook.

Well this is what it was.....

Wondering why I painted a perfectly good terracotta pot??

Well, remember this rug???
(also showed you this on facebook)

It's the rug Sheila choose for her patio makeover.

Again, If you don't follow along on fb your probably wondering...

"Who's Sheila?"

Sheila is THE funniest, friendliest, most giving person I've ever met.

She is a single Mother, Grandmother of two, friend to many, full time employee, recent college graduate, world traveler and...
She's also my Mother's best friend.
                         Sheila has a full plate at all times!

That's why her yard looked like this....


and this....

My Mother asked if I would help transform Sheila's patio into a peaceful place where she could go at the end of a long day and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Of course I said YES!!

Ok all you "non" fb book friends, consider yourself briefed!

Carrying on...

Because of Sheila' busy lifestyle, the patio needed to be as low maintenance as possible.

This meant bringing in color with the decor rather than lots of flowers and plants.

Hence the brightly colored rug and the painting of the terracotta pots.

Now the small strip of dirt where the pots were going to be placed was visible from the house.

It needed to be more than just a few pots with some greenery.

I wanted it to be unique and intriguing while viewed form indoors.

So I decided to get some posts and well, see for yourself...

Mr. Treasures and I took three 2 x 4's and painted them a distressed brown.

Then we cemented them in the pots so they'd be nice and sturdy.

Once they cured we added some plant hangers and hung the lanterns I found at Pier one.

The patio desperately needed more ambient lighting so I picked up some bulb lights from Cost Plus World Market and once again Mr.Treasures to the rescue....

We attached them to the top of the posts and ran them back to the house.

It looks so amazing in person!!

This is the view Sheila sees from inside the house.

Wine anyone??

Now I haven't shown you everything.

There are a few items that need to be placed as well as a few details buttoned up.

What I'm not showing you....

This plant and

This lattice will be used to address the a/c unit

and this door...

already received one coat of chocolate brown chalkboard paint.

Sheila will be able to write down the menu for her dinner parties or
her grandchildren will have a spot to write her messages


This fountain has gone up but it needs a little something else in this corner before I call it quits.

So tell me....

What do you think so far?


Saturday, July 17, 2010

First week's over with...

Well I survived week one. Barely.  Four days in and I was already feeling like this....

Not because of the work,  more so just adjusting to the hours. I basically came home Friday night and went to bed.  I woke up this morning (if you can call it that) at 10:00 am.

This entire day I was like a zombie!!!

Here's to hoping I shake that feeling soon!

Anyhow, the real reason I decided to do a post tonight was to show you what the kiddos rescued from the pool tonight....

Can you see him? He's right there in the middle of the photo.

THE tiniest lizard ever!!!

and here's why......

He just hatched.

How cute is that??

Also don't hold your breath for a Makeover Monday.

It is entirely to HOT to paint anything!!!

I do still need to bring you up to speed on my NEVER ending patio makeover as well as my wardrobe updates including my FAVORITE Tracy Porter!!!!

So stay tuned,

Maybe I'll get to them soon!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just incase...

Just in case you don't follow along on Facebook
( pssst, you SHOULD be following along on facebook!! I'm able to keep you in the loop quite a bit more about treasures, my life and all things decor!!)

I wanted to stop in and let you know how work has been so far!

It's now the end of day 3 and so far it's been a little slow going.

 Apparently it's a major process to get an Employee I.D. number and a new work station set up.

None of this has been taken care of yet. I've been bouncing around from desk to desk for the last three days.

As for my co workers well, I lucked out there.

 It's a small satellite office that holds around eight employees. 

Four of them I worked with for 10 years before I left to stay home with my kids the for the last 11. 

Out of those four, we were particularly close with two of them.

Mr. Treasures and the Lil' Man were in the "Sales Reps" wedding  many years ago.....

and the other, we'll call him the "Title Officer", became like a big bother to me. 

He actually walked me down the aisle at my wedding and handed me over to Mr. Treasures.
(wonder what I did with those photos...)

Crazy right?

We had formed such a special bond that even though we haven't seen much of each other over the years, we were able to pick right back up where we left off.

The rest of my co workers are very friendly which creates a great office atmosphere.

Anyhow,  day one was half way over when these arrived.....

One from Mr. Treasures and then about 15 minutes later one from Grandma Treasures.

Great minds think alike? ;)

Then Day two rolled around and I was asked to attend a meeting. I gathered my writing supplies and headed into the board room along with 3 other co workers and the Regional Manager.

He turned to the dry erase board and wrote.....

After he wrote the title I laughed and said....

"We're gonna need a bigger board"


Hope your weeks going great!!

Some furniture makeovers, along with the never ending patio makeover, will be coming soon

I promise!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

So much for Makeover Monday!!!

WOW am I tired!!

I had no idea that I would be this worn out after 8 hours in an office!!

I have one question.....

 Who came up with fluorescent lights?!?!

They should be shot!!!

About 2 hours in and my eyes looked something like this...

Hopefully it doesn't take me to long to adjust!!!

Last night before work I worked on this great blog post showing you one of my makeovers 

along with a peek into the new work wardrobe.

Only one problem


and I weren't getting along.

More than half of my pictures wouldn't load.

Right now I am entirely to tired to try again.

Honestly it was less of an effort to type this new post and load one photo from this morning

So here you have it......

My first day into the world of working Mothers.

Funny thing is after all the new clothes shopping I did, I went with a dress I've had for quite a while.

This is a Max Studio dress I purchased from Nordstroms rack.

The dress original cost $198.00

Nordstroms rack was selling it for $35.00.

It had the most hideous bell sleeves on it when I bought it.
I knew right away a $20.00 trip to the seamstress and I'd have a great dress for under $60!!

The shoes are Adrienne Vittadini.

They retail for $79.00

DSW had them for $59.95 but I actually found them at Marshalls for $30.00

Not bad right??

The bracelet was an unexpected gift that arrived in the mail a couple of days ago from my Aunt Ruth.

She's an amazing women and I was just so touched to receive an unexpected gift from her.

Here's a close up...

Alright, that's it!!

Keep checking in with me!!

There's still the furniture makeover that I didn't get to show you plus MANY more outfits including
one of my favorites!!!!


By the way,

Thank you so much for all the kind words you've all had to say about my ventures back into the work force.

I really appreciate each and every one of you!!!


Friday, July 9, 2010

A moment of silence for the SAHM...

For 11 years I have been fortunate enough to stay home and raise my children.

I can't express how happy I am that I was able to be with them every step of the way thus far.

Let me start by telling you that I wasn't one of those girls.

I didn't have fairytale dreams of white weddings, or homes with white picket fences filled with children.

Truth be told, I didn't think I'd ever have either. 

Don't get me wrong, It's not like I sat around dreading the possibility.

I just never thought about it at all, until it happened.

Once it did- WOW!!!!

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING prepared me for the affect Motherhood had on me.

I don't even have the words to express what it has meant to me.

All I know is I can't even imagine my life without them!

Huntington Beach December 2009

Knott's Berry Farm July 2010

Well sadly when the economy tanked the future of this SAHM was looking grim.

We hung in there as long as we could.

However, the time has come.

 Monday morning I will no longer be a Stay At Home Mom.

I will be joining all the rest of the Mother's who work full time.

Although something tells me I'm going to look more like this...

So I guess I'd better start coming up with a game plan so I feel more like this....

Any tips?

Along with the computer problems from last week, this was the other reason I wasn't blogging as much.

I've been frantically shopping trying to put together outfits on a budget.

The shopping part?

SO much fun!!!

The budget part??


Stop back by Monday morning to see me Makeover my wardrobe and a little furniture!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

The first step is admitting you have a problem.....

I've been M.I.A. this last week due to some Internet problems. Don't you just hate when that happens??

Have you ever watched the show Intervention?

 Picture me and the rest of my family twitching and suffering the side effects of quiting cold turkey.

It wasn't pretty.

Mr. Treasures had to work as usual so he missed out on the ALL day boredom fest we were having at home.

Day one we decided to walk our local mountain....

and stop for some photos on the bridge...

Then we came home and swam the rest of the afternoon.

As with most things your quitting (voluntarily or not) the first day isn't to bad.

It's the SECOND one that really starts to suck!!!

Lucky for Lil' Red,

 her "Mimi" (Mr. Treasures mom) called and asked to take her  to Ojai to spend the week with family.

That left the Lil' Man and I to fend for ourselves.

It took one day of watching the paint dry on my game room walls (literally) before I realized  we both might snap if we don't do something.

So we headed for the beach...

Crystal Cove to be exact.

Where Lil' Man explored the rocks...

While I tried desperately to snap the best photos I could with my cell phone...

I look flustered don't I??

We didn't last at Crystal Cove for long. Lil' Man wanted to body surf and the current was just to strong.

So we headed off to Newport Beach for the rest of the afternoon.

We also went to the movies.

Anyone else see the A-Team movie??

or are you all Eclipse fans??

This is probably blasphemy but I don't get IT.

As in I couldn't get to paragraph 2 of the first book.

As in I watched the first movie and didn't like it.

Try not to hate me for it!!!

I promise I'm usually very easily entertained but this is one vampire flick I can happily go without!!

The rest of the days the computer was out we spent reading and catching up on all our chores!

Oh ya and driving back and forth between our home and Grandma Treasures for a quick Internet fix!!

Have a safe and HAPPY 4th of July!!!!

See ya back here for Makeover Monday!!