Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have you heard of Dave Pittman?

I'm not a huge American Idol fan. I watched the first couple of seasons and then some how I just lost interest. I never even voted- but all that is going to change this season!

Dave Pittman is a young man who suffers from Tourette's syndrome. It's a neurological disorder that causes the person to have involuntary ticks such as, blinking,head jerking, grunting and so much more. In some severe cases the person actually blurts out profanity and rude remarks all involuntarily. These ticks are usually repeated in sets of 3, occurring continuously. On occasion when they concentrate hard enough on something the ticks might subside but really for only a matter of minutes.

Can you imagine that?

I can.

I don't have Tourette's Syndrome but my younger brother does.

My brother Paul and I swimming at our Grandma's house late 70's

Paul was diagnosed early on in childhood. It started with a sniff that he wouldn't stop. My mother thought it was a habit and tried to help him break it. She put a rubber band around his wrist and would give it a quick tug whenever he sniffed. Not to hard, just enough that he would associate sniffing with the snap of that rubber band and stop.

Don't judge! It was the 70's!! They did a lot of stuff back then that we consider unacceptable nowadays. For instance, anyone remember the cigarette candies? You know the ones that allowed you to simulate actually smoking? You blew on it while it was in your mouth and powder would come out the other end like a puff of smoke!!

Can you imagine anyone buying those for their kids today???

Anyhow, when the sniffing didn't go away and he started to pick up other strange "habits" my Mother realized that something was wrong. I don't remember much of the details of what happened next but I do know it was many doctor's appointments, many medications and many therapy sessions.

After awhile, everyone in the family was just numb to it. I mean it was so much and so often that it kind of just became normal. To be honest being "different" didn't appear to bother him to much. If it did, he never really let any of us know it.

Starting on the left- Me, my Mother, my Great Grandmother, my Aunt and my Brother

I'm sure his insane sense of humor helped. One day he was riding the bus home from school and a new kid got on and sat down next to him. Now I should tell you first that my brothers ticks were as follows: Severe had jerk (think trying to get your hair out of your face without the use of your hands) he would also push his jaw out far in front of him sort of stretching his neck muscles and last but certainly not least he would bark. Not bark like Ruff Ruff but a grunting noise that sounded an awful lot like a bark. Be honest did you just try to do any of those?? ;) Ok, back to the kid on the bus. He sat down next to my brother and immediately noticed his ticks. The kid looked at him concerned and said are you ok? My brother replied "Ya, but what I have is contagious so you might want to move." It took the poor kid 2 weeks before someone set him straight.

For Tourette's being so unknown at the time, it really surprises me how well he was received by other children. I imagine if you didn't grow up with it or in my case next to it, it would be pretty bizarre. Not everyone was so accepting though.

My brother did encounter ignorant people. He was always better then me at allowing them to remain ignorant. I on the other hand always felt the need to set them straight. Let's hope they've grown up and realized the error of their ways. Let's also hope they are Idol fans so they can see that having Tourette's doesn't stop you from pursuing a dream!!

As for my brother, he is married with 2 children. His job allows him to do a bit of traveling while he goes from hospital to hospital fixing and maintaining M.R.I. machines. His Tourette's has taken it's toll on his body though. After approximately 30 years of head jerking he's damaged his neck and is in pain most of the time. And just like when we were kids, you'd never know it.

Check out this video of Dave Pittman's audition for American Idol.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aren't these gorgeous??

If you've been following along- your well aware of my Tracy Porter obsession. It's bad. Let's just say that it's a good thing I can't afford to fly to Wisconsin.

Anyhow, these dishes above are her Katsina line and cost $58.00 for a set of four. Now if you'd have asked me 2 years ago if I'd spend $60.00 on 4 plates? I would of said "Sure" without a doubt. Sadly my financial situation isn't what it was and spending that much for 4 plates just isn't going to happen. But I look and I dream and I look some more.

Well imagine my surprise when I stumbled across these babies at Ross!?!

$15.00 for a set of four!?! Ya they aren't Tracy Porter but their close right? I saved so much I went ahead and splurge on a set of bowls too. They were a total of $10.00. I think she'd approve. ;)

Now let's just hope I don't get Cancer from the possibility that lead paint was used during the making of these!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Grandma's blog

I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my Grandmother's blog yesterday!! Just incase you didn't get to or had trouble viewing it- i've attached a link to one of the posts she's done. This post will give you a glimpse into the type of woman I was talking about yesterday. Such a great woman who has lived through a lot but still has the best sense of humor ever!!!!!!.html#

P.S. I have NO idea why it's titled The World of Kevin??



Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is just to cute

How cute is this?? My 82 year old Grandmother (83 in May) has started a blog for our family. She is originally from England. She met and married my Grandfather during the war. He packed up her family and brought them all to America with him. I believe she was in her late teens at the time. Still after all these years in the states, she has the most adorable English accent.

She's been through a lot in her life but somehow it hasn't affected her sense of humor. She is a pistol!

In her opening statement on her blog she promises to offer up advice about life. Along with many family photos old and new. She also plans on taking us along on a photographic tour of all of her adventures. And boy does this woman travel!! How great is that? If you happen to stop by and check it out you'll see where my daughters red hair comes from!

On another note- It's been a while since we've had a Treasures Thursday. I ventured out today even in "Storm Watch 2010" ;) to see if Goodwill had anything to offer.

Sadly there was nothing. So I stopped by a couple of my favorite vintage shops, sure I would find something there. NOTHING!?! I thought with everyone boarded up and sand bagged in their homes I would score some lovely treasures- but I was wrong.

It's probably for the best. My living room is starting to look like a store with all of my previous scores that have yet to find a home!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Finally Raining Here In So Cal!!!

The only problem is....
There's a lot of it!
Probably sounds silly by any other State standards but for So Cal- this is a STORM!!
It's flooded everywhere- including my backyard! The kids of course are loving it!
Living in So Cal you are never prepared for any other weather than sun. So of course I have NO IDEA where our one and only umbrella is and the only thing we own rain resistant would be a garbage bag. HA!! So there are a LOT of wet shoes and clothes to wring out! Which reminds me- I need to go "prep" the car. And by "prep" the car I mean- lay down towels so the mud doesn't ruin the carpet!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Do you "Glamarella"?


Have you seen this blog? She has some really great vintage jewelry. Some of it is a little pricey but I managed to snag this bracelet for a little over $20.00.

I LOVE it! It's a mesh style cuff with a bronze antique brooch. The center of the brooch has a faux cow hide with a jewel in the center of it. It slides on and off very easily and goes with just about anything. I'm also a little partial to her "juicy" style sweats although I haven't purchased any yet. I actually met her a few months back at the La Maison Rustique Barn sale. It was my first time going to one and my first time meeting a few of the blogger's that I had started following. I think I was on sensory overload that day because I didn't manage to snap one photo and for me that's unheard of!!
She's also recently started another blog called Glam Garage where she gives a behind the scenes look at her styling. If you have some time you should check them out and also stop by for some unique vintage finds.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Secrets to Decorating in a Downturn - Photos -

For those of us who were hit hard in 2009 and looking to live smarter in 2010- here are some tips from My Home Ideas on how to decorate while your pocket book is recovering!!

Secrets to Decorating in a Downturn - Photos -

peacock flowers empire dress - $38.99 :, Vintage Inspired Clothing, Affordable Clothes, Eco friendly Fashion

How much fun would this dress be??? I could see it in winter with tights and boots- maybe a long sleeve shirt underneath or a leather jacket over the top? Summer with a great straw hat and a pair of flip flops?? And for under $40 how could you go wrong??? How would you wear it?

peacock flowers empire dress - $38.99 :, Vintage Inspired Clothing, Affordable Clothes, Eco friendly Fashion

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