Friday, November 19, 2010

Bar envy

Do you think the kids will understand if I spend all the Christmas money recreating this?

Stop by The Willows Home & Garden blog to see the rest of it.

After you're done drooling over her bar area take a stroll inside.

Oh by the way, I'll finally be painting this weekend.

I know right? I can hardly believe it myself!



Anonymous said...

Oh man, I even love the wood plank floors!!!

You are too cute!!

LuLu said...

oh thanks for the beautiful pic! i keep finding everything i love this time of year... :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck painting in this weather! I want that bar too! Can't wait to see what you creat.

Lissa said...

love that bar! hope you get all of your painting done! Happy Thanksgiving.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Of course they will understand! hee!
Have a pretty day!

Kathy said...

Those barstools are to die for!!! K

malia said...

Bar with wheels... love it! I'm your newest follower.