Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well, at least they left me air.....

Remember those good intentions I talked about the other day??  Well as of today they remain just that.

Good intentions.

I went to work  as usual, even talked to a couple of coworkers about possibly joining me on my Couch to 5K path. The day flew by and before I knew it, it was time to head home. The plan was to get home, have dinner, hang with the kids till it cooled off and then.....


So, I left work at 4:30 as usual, headed down to my car, hit unlock on the remote, opened my door

 and this....

is what I saw.

So I obviously started to take a look around to see what else the lovely thief decided to steal.

First up, the ipod.

Opened the back doors where the kiddos sit....

If they stole something from this part, I can't tell at this point.

So I move on to the trunk area.

I walk around back and lift it up only to reveal....

Where the hell did my 3rd row seats go????

Yep, they stole em.

So I called the police and I waited.

About 30 minutes after the police officer arrived, the crime scene unit showed up to take fingerprints.

Here's the only good part of this story,

The CSI was actually an old friend of Mr. Treasures and mine.  So it was kind of nice to see him.

Alright, back to the fingerprints.....

No such luck. They were wearing gloves.

You can even see the pattern on this next one...

See the half circle in the bottom left of this photo? That's where you used to be able to put a key.

Not anymore.

After a very long evening all I could think is....

Well, at least they left me air.


P.S. Couch to 5k starts tonight! For REAL this time, promise!

UPDATE: WE DID IT!!! Mr. Treasures and I actually started tonight! I thought I was going to die after 6 minutes but I kept going. All I can say is LOOK OUT Giselle! ;)


Debbie said...

OK I totally will not bag you for not joining my are off the hook. What BUTT heads...seriously get a job people...and the third row? WHY!!~ Well Karma Angie, is all I can say! Hang in there. Debbie

Dawn said...

Oh Angie...I am so sorry...what a bummer!! And they took the third row seat??? Hope you get a chance to start tonight...a great stress reliever!

Leanne said...

You have absolutely got to be kidding!!! ANGIE!!!! I'm so sorry...that really really sucks. (no other more polite word I could find ...) Hang in there!!!

AntiqueChase said...

Oh my that is insane... the seats too? wow. just wow.

scrapwordsmom said...

This does suck. I am so sorry, Angie! While in St. Louis last November our window was smashed out in my Ram Pick-up. We were so mad. However they didn't take sorry this happened to you sweetie.

Proud of you that you started your training!!!:)

Trish said...

where they heck do you work..the getto??????

That is crazy!!!!

The Design Confidential said...

this is just so bothersome, you poor thing! i always feel a bit uptight and nervous when something like this happens and it makes me feel like we really aren't safe even with all of the safety devices we install everywhere. i am so sorry this happened to you! what a way to end your day :(

JBird's Garden said...

Ugh - what a drag! That just happened to me about a month ago. Right in my own driveway! Cell phone and Ipod (I wondered where I left that phone) but fortunately my 3rd row seats were in the garage where I left them. haha

Glad you are keeping your spirits up AND your body moving! :)

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Oh Angie, How crappy that is! What the heck would they want the seats for????
Good for you getting out there and starting your program after all that.
I'm rooting for you!

Kristin said...

Oh no. That's just awful. I'm so sorry! But yay for starting the if I could just get going again. HA!

La Dolfina said...

Oh Angie, that sucks. I am so sorry. I'm so proud of you and Mr. Treasures for getting out there and doing your thing. That was the best reaction. Remember all you can control is your reaction and you did great! Pretty soon you'll have your car back, good as new!
Love the table you are painting for your lucky client. Hope you finish it this weekend, get paid, and go out and treat yourself to something nice :)
Have a nice Sunday, I'm thinking of you.

The Urban Cowboy said...

That blows hard! They need a little make over...I bet you could think of a lot of ways to overhaul a couple of no good thieving bastards{can I say that here?}.

Just glad that you are safe and well.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I agree with the urban cowboy!
I am hoping to figure out how to do the classes online!!
Thanks for your comment!!
Have a pretty day!

Jess said...

NO WAY!!! i can't believe they took your seats!!!! and this was during the day!?

Jen said...

Cant beleive they took the seats...what in the world. What a pain.

You are a running girl!!!
30 minutes! You are off to a great start!! Glad Mr Treasures is doing it with you!

Renee Finberg said...

no way!!!
i can....
and i can't believe it.
i am sorry boo boo.
big hug xxx

Kerri said...

Oh sorry to hear about your car. Can't believe someone would do such a thing.

Good for you for starting your couch to 5k...even after that kind of day! That would definately been the excuse I would have needed to NOT start! So cool your husband is doing it with you!

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Oh no Angie!!! I'm so glad it was your car and not you!!! xoxo!