Thursday, May 6, 2010

Treasures Thrusday with a side of life...

Updating this post as of 5/26/10
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Welcome to another Treasure Thursday!!

This post is really late in the day, I'll explain why later.
In the meantime let's take a look at what I found this week.

First up was this painting.

 I loved the fact that it was original artwork for $3.00.
Plus I'm always a sucker for chunky frames!
Not sure what color the frame will end up?

Since this post I have painted the frame!!

I used....

 DecoArt's Americana in Evening Blue.
Take a look at how it looks now!!

It picks up the blue in the photo perfectly!!
So if you happen to be reading this post because you came over from The Frugal Designer..


Alright, back to the regular post now...

Not sure why this photo got flipped? Anyone else having trouble while loading photos?
Anyhow, I thought these were cute maybe as a candle holder?
a base for a plant? or possibly a place to stack your bracelets?
$1.99 each

This wooden lazy susan looked like it had potential!!
Funny thing is, the same day I bought it Dawn over at Ciao Bella posted a great tutorial on monogramming one. I just might give it a try!
$2.99- not bad huh?

Then there were these guys. I bought a bunch more but only had enough sand for a couple.
If you follow along on my Facebook Fan page, you'll remember me posting the inspiration photo for the outdoor party I plan on having eventually   soon.
.50 cents each

I also found this mirror I thought would look great in Lil' mans room.
It's made to resemble old license plates. I've never used a mirror in his room before but I figured Junior high is right around the corner, he might start caring about how he looks soon!??!

This mirror is going in Lil' Red's room if she EVER keeps it clean enough!
I'll probably paint it cream.
Look at the detail...

For $10.00 it's a score!!

If you were waiting for me to show you some amazing piece of furniture I was lucky enough to snatch up for a couple bucks, well sorry to tell you we're BOTH disappointed then.

Nothing going on in the usual places this week but that's ok, I don't have the room for it anyway!!

So on to the life portion...

So yesterday I was in the garage painting my little heart out in 90 degree weather. It wasn't to bad.
I finally put the first top coat of Varathane on a couple of pieces and wanted to take photos.

Well somehow (maybe it was the paint fumes) I managed to lock myself out!!!

So once again...

Mr. Treasures to the rescue!!

I"ll spare you the details of how I looked and the fact that I was barefoot with paint all over me. I'll also spare you the details of me trying to unlock ANYTHING that looked even remotely like a key would fit in it with a key that seems to unlock NOTHING. I'll also spare you the details of how I had to go next door and interrupt my newly retired neighbors outdoor lunch just so I could call Mr. Treasures.

And they thought it'd be peaceful retiring HA!

 It's not even summer yet- wait till the kids are outback swimming and SCREAMING all day long! ;)

While I waited for Mr. Treasures to get there I decided I'd go ahead and remove this photo from the frame.

Remember it from last weeks Treasures??
My plan was to use the large empty frame on one of the walls in my home, framing a bunch of smaller frames.

Make sense?

Well It must have been the combo of a hot day and paint fumes because I actually started to think it wasn't that bad of a photo and maybe I'd leave it as is.


I quickly came to my senses and decided I'd be better suited waiting for Mr. Treasures on the porch where the view is gorgeous and the breeze would bring me back to reality.

Then I got bored...
and started snapping photos of my view while on said porch.

Not a bad view if you have to be "stuck" somewhere.
Now if being locked out of the house wasn't enough of a bummer,
my email was hacked.

Oh wait it gets better,

An email was sent from my email address to several people in my address book with a link attached.
The link was for a online pharmacy offering VIAGRA.
Oh wait it gets better,

Not only did this email go to my Mother, my Mothers work email, my Grandmother but it also went to Lil' Red's school teacher - YEP as well as the lady who sells me candles, the lady who runs the outdoor education and fundraisers for Lil' Man's 6th grade class AND a lady I interviewed with for a job last week.
Can you say LOVELY!?!?
On a good note, Great Grandpa Treasures (my Grandfather)  had surgery this morning and is doing fine.
My Mother and I left at 6:00 am to visit with him before the surgery.
We waited for hours for him to get out of surgery.
Finally the Dr. came and talked with us but we weren't going to be able to see Grandpa for a while
We had no choice but to leave. 
The kids get out of school early on Thursdays.

Later on we got a phone call from Great Grandpa Treasures wife. She was able to see him and other than some pain, he was doing fine.

We sure were relieved!!

It was a very serious surgery for a not so serious guy.


Anonymous said...

There goes that man again, Mr Treasures to the rescue!!! That guy is awesome.

Guess who?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE chunky frames too! I inherited several of them from my dear senior friend! They are all in the guest bedroom closet still!
Awesome finds! I hear Mr. Treasures is an awesome guy too!
So glad Grandpa Treasure is doing well!

LuLu said...

SO happy to hear your Grandfather is doing well. Now to the finds... you did fantastic!!! oh my goodness love them all,

Sandy said...

I love the frame on the mirror: your Mr. Treasures is quite a handsome man (& a real "keeper" I'm sure!): I love the picture of your gramps (he looks like a spunky guy...): & your description of the email snafu was so funny that I read it aloud to my DH.
BTW, Mr. Seasoned-Sister (now that's a funny name...) took me to a wonderful garden nursery in the mountains this past week & we brought home some beautiful flowers to get the "grounds" ready for the summer & especially for the rehearsal dinner. I'll take pictures tomorrow & post them on my blog. I think I'll use my gift card for some Varathane & rescue those things in my attic to add pizzaz to the patio.

Marcie said...

GREAT POST! Love the treasures you found this week. By the way, LOVE the welcome sign...where can I find! And I know of someone that can monogram that lazy susan for you! ;o)
So glad to hear Great Grandpa Treasures had a successful surgery. Prayers are with you and the family!

Renee Finberg said...

i hate getting locked out, loved ones having operations, and my email being 'hacked'!!!!! ?????

really rough.
but guess what?
you are right....great view in a lovely neighborhood


Leanne said...

Wow! What a day! Yes, I must say - the frame is the coolest and my favorite teasure for today! And, ugh . . . being locked out - BUMMER! But lovely photos. And, sorry about the email (especially the one going to the lady who runs the fundraisers. Kind of embarassing - but TOTALLY hysterical!) And, hope GGT is feeling tons better! Wow - I think you need a nap, Angie!!! ;)

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

LOL! Way to brag... Mr . Treasures! had a crapload of Mondays wrapped up into one thursday. Kinda funny though, cuz thats something that would happen to me :) I love those little blue plates, oh and lil mans mirror is awesome! Did you burn that pic by the way...just so you don't fall into its trance again :) lol

Karla said...

Wow, great finds! :)

That is nasty what happened with your e-mail. I have heard of this happening to several people and I even received an odd e-mail from one of them via facebook.

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. :)


Trish said...

okay first off how stink cute is Grandpa....LOVE HIM!

And second, I'l buy those blue plates from you for $10 bucks :O) I think you should do a giveaway for them & let me win!!!! :O)

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Oh my, you sure found and fabulous finds! You go girl!!!! I was telling myself NO garage sales today but your goodies are making me want to get my shop on.

Happy Friday to ya!
Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training

Angie said...

Trish- Your to funny! ;)
Kendra- Its so hard to pass up a good garage sale!! There is a huge multi family one going on in my neighborhood today and tomorrow- I'm HAVE to swing by it and see what they've got!!

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh your Grandpa looks like the SWEETEST!! Glad he is good!!

Love your view. WOW! So warm. Today is cold and rainy fall almost. It's all good though as I'm being crafty:)

As always love your treasures. You are inspiring me to look at found objects differently. And that liscense plate mirrow is GREAT!!!

I love your blog, Angie. Keep it up!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Love your treasures this week! So glad grandpa is ok and you were saved again :)

Pemberley Court said...

Wow! Holy Cow Girl!!!! It has been forever since I've read any of my fave blogs. Thanks for stopping by and still being interested! LOL :)

Hope today is wonderful!


Chels said...

GUSH!!! THAT MIRROR FOR YOUR BOY ROOM!!! oh! LOVE! Some great finds!!!!!

The Frugal Designer said...

It's time to vote for the Projects today...send your family and friends over to vote for you! Here is the link to vote

I will have down for the votes you have already received if they don't' head over and "vote" again...not to worry!