Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm not supposed to be here but I couldn't resist!!

Ok so it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to stay away. That's sad huh?!?! Anyhow I did manage to only sneak to a few blogs late at night while the kiddos were sleeping or times where they were playing with friends. I suppose I should stop saying "playing" when it comes to my son.

He'll be 12 this summer and headed for Junior High next school year- sniff. 

Anyhow, so far this week we've gone for a walk and admired the beauty....

Swam a bit...

Even this guy...

Took a turn in the pool

Ace LOVEs the water!

  In addition to the fun family time I've also been doing a LOT of this,

Which has left my hands in desperate need of a manicure

  We also started mandatory family meditation time. Might sound strange to some but it's really calming. Those of you with kids who get all jacked up when Dad gets home, this works wonders for settling everyone down. We all sit together in silence for 5 minutes,  doesn't sound like much but it is. We just breath deep and clear our minds. Our goal is to add to the 5 minutes gradually and who knows how long we'll end up silently enjoying each others company??

Alright, now the real reason for this post!?!? There are some GREAT give aways out there right now!!

Remember don't click on the links now cuz I still haven't figured out how to have a second window open! Wouldn't want you to dissapear before you finished reading the post!!

Check them out here at My Sweet Savannah's (this ones good!!) and also here at Debbiedoos (this lady is hilarious and just the friendliest person!) and over here at beyond the picket fence if you link up an under $100 transformation and visit 8 other blogs you'll be entered into a surprise give away!!! And let's not forget the Treasures give away!! You only have 3 more days to enter!!! By the way a big Hello, to my new friends! Thank you for following!

Almost forgot, this photo won't make sense to anyone but Nikki over at kreative knack unless you visit her blog and read my comments! ;)

It was my sons room at our old home. I painted the tree on the wall. My first time painting anything! I never did finish the top of the tree but later I did have him paint his name on the middle of it like it was carved into the tree. I had him stand next to it they day we moved out and I took one last photo. Can't seem to find it right now but I'll keep hunting and post it when I do!

           Alright back to Spring Break Madness!!



Debbie said...

Cool beans Angie! You look hot in your cowgirl hat!~ Thanks for posting about the giveaway, this is so much fun indeed!~

Marcie said...

I love your blogs!
and I LOVE the pics of his room!
I saw my curtains and my jakeosaurus! His room was so cute! said...

Uh huh... I'm back! and I adore that tree...and you had him paint his name on it? too cute! Well Have a fun rest of spring break...I know how the major need for a manicure feels...can't wait to see how that piece turns out!

Morning T said...

You're too cute and I'm even more honored to know that you were sneaking in to visit me! That pool water is speaking to me...ah.
I LOVE the family meditation idea. I keep saying that I need to do it myself, but never thought of wrangling my other two into it too! Enjoy the rest of your week.

Leanne said...

Angie!!! LOVE that you painted your sons room like that (reminds me of my daughters room now), LOVE that you do a 5 minute meditation time (I'm going to start that TONIGHT!), LOVE that you are having fun with the family, and TRIPLE LOVE that you took some time to blog! ('cause . . . I kinda missed ya!) Have a great rest of the week! ; )

Pat said...

Angie, love the pool pictures with the kids. I can't believe how much Ace likes to swim.
Jake's old room looks good but it was so much better in person. The pictures don't do it justice.
Keep on a bloggin cuz I love reading and seeing all the things you are doing
Love a proud momma

Sarah loves it all said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to come over! You sound like such a fun wonderful mom. I love how sentimental you are when you talk about your kids. I am so much the same way. I hate even thinking about my baby turning 1! I'm gonna have to stop by more often!

Sandy M. said...

Thanks for stopping by Seasoned-Sister today. What's interesting about the pollen is that the yellow stuff you can see affects very few people allergy wise: it's the smaller stuff you can't see that has them sniffing, coughing, blowing & with itchy eyes. But we got rain last night! So it is much better today!
And if I win the Home Depot $$, it will definitely go toward making the back yard area pretty for the August (oooh, can you say, "HOT"?!) wedding party!

Dayngr said...

Very nice! We just completed our 1st week of mandatory quiet time when the kids come home from school. When they arrive home, I give them baths, put them in comfy clothes and then they can sit and read books, color or do some else that's quiet and relaxing. It's worked out great for settling them down from an exciting day @ school.

Anonymous said...

Heyy girl--I saw your comment on FFM about getting older and having 2 kids and "not feeling so lucky anymore." Awww...that's sooo sad and sooo wrong!!! It's all in your perspective! I absolutely have enjoyed and feel more fullfilled in my 40's than any other time in my life--and feel very lucky!
When you do turn 40 you are welcome to join my "over 40 and FABULOUS CLUB!" Details on my blog!

Anonymous said...

The 5 minute transitional meditation is soooo fabulous! Luvee it!