Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Since every one's posting about their green food or their favorite color green, I decided to post what I was wearing today instead.

DON'T laugh! I'm home alone and can only do so much with a camera! ;)

I tried desperately to take the photo where your just holding the camera off to the side. You know like this....

Ya ummm I just end up looking like a complete dork! An off centered one at that!

Oh well.

The outfit is super comfy and quickly becoming one of my fav's to run around town. The shirt was a recent find from Windsor's. It was on the clearance rack for $22.00. Just enough green floating through it to be worn today! I just happened to be switching purses the other day and found in old gift card with left over balance of $30.00. SCORE!! It was like getting the shirt for free! Had NO Idea how long it had been sitting in that purse waiting to be discovered.

The jeans are an old pair from Ambercrombie love love love them! Shoes (not that you can see them) are a pair of old Steve madden platform sandals in a dark chocolate with a cork heel.

And the final little touch of green comes in the form of this baby...

If you been following for awhile - you're (did I use that right?) already aware of my cuff obsession!! If not, you will be soon! ;) This lovely only cost $5.00 at Forever 21. You cannot beat that place for trendy inexpensive jewelry! Or maybe you can and I just don't know it yet. Either way I LOVE this one!

Well there you have it, that's my little bit o'green for the day. It's not much but I'm Irish so I think I get a pass!

Check back tomorrow for Treasures Thursday!!!



The Blythe Blog said...

Love the always look amazing no matter what your budget!!

Dawn said...

I LOVE this outfit...very bohemian know?? I NEED to get to F21...I love not spending too much on such cool stuff!!

ashlina said...

what a super cool bracelet! love it...

glad i found your blog.

junkgarden said...

I love it! Totally my style. You are SO cute!!!