Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy busy busy

Lately It's been very busy here at the Treasure household. This weekend was no exception.

It started with Lil Red in her first fashion show. I'd show you the MANY photos I took but....

She didn't walk the runway alone and I forgot to get persmission to use the girls photos. So this one photo of them strutting their stuff off the runway will have to do. BUMMER!!!

I CAN show you the photos from dress rehearsal though....

Do you think she's enjoying herself??

After all that, it was time to make a decision

It really wasn't that hard for her. She ditched the first two looks all together and then took one piece from every other outfit and put it together to come up with her own look.

Here she is putting on her own clothes and quite happy with the choice she made for the show.

While we were at the fashion show, Mr. Treasure was with our little man at his MMA class.

That's our guy on the far right. He's known each of the kids in this photo since kindergarten. How cute is that?? The hubs and I are HUGE Mixed Martial Arts and UFC fans. I can't even begin to tell you how many fights we've been to or how many fighters I've been able to meet. I'll have to do a post one of these days showing you all the photos of fighters and stars that I've met at the fights!!

In this next photo my son's learning how to defend himself against a move they call the "rear naked choke" Don't ask- I have no idea who came up with that name!?!

Here they are learning how to apply the choke themselves if they need to.

Now, they are being put in the choke themselves so they can see what it feels like and learn not to panic.

I realize this may seem insane to some of you, that I actually signed my son up for this. Trust me it won't be easy seeing him in a match but they learn such great self defense. It really is a sport full of respect. Like Karate, the children learn that they are never to mess around and apply these moves for fun outside of class. They are taught to respect each move and that they are only to use these techniques when their safety is threatened and they must defend themselves.

After the show and class it was on to the next. For my son it was the 6th grade science camp car wash and for my daughter it was a birthday party. Throw in chores, church, and a play and you've got one packed weekend!!

How was your weekend???

p.s. I've been REALLY behind on Treasure's Thursday!!! I plan on catching up this week and posting many recent finds!! Don't forget to stop back by and see what I've been up to!!



Debbie said...

Awesome pics, and yes your lil gal is a total natural, she looks like real ham in front of the camera!!~ Your big guy wow, did not know that, we are into that as well, my 8 year old is a black belt in mixed martial arts....he has been doing it since he is 4...he is a real natural and loves sparring, that is his favorite. He broke his foot about 6 months ago sparring, ouch! four out of five bones, did not stop him though, he is not a quitter:)!!~ Happy Monday!

La Dolfina said...

Hi... I just loved this post. How cute are you children! I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on our son's big college news! Hold on tight and treasure each and every moment...

LuLu said...

Ahh looks like a wonderfully busy weekend... ours was busy too with school stuff... but such fun!

Dawn said...

Busy busy...your kids are sooo cute!!! I love the fashion show pics!

Jami said...

OMG...she is quite the little model! What a fun weekend! Can't wait to have kids...some day :) ~Jami @

Lissa said...

both kids have their own talents! Your daughter looks like she really loved the modeling!

Brabourne Farm said...

Love the fashion show photos - is this a supermodel in the making? Leigh

Bianca said...

WHOA! Your daughter is a DIVA! I love it. Such cute pictures of your kiddos :)