Thursday, October 1, 2009

How does that song go?

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to-CRRyy if I want to....

YOU would cry to if it happened to youuuuu"

SOOO true! You would cry too if you were turning....

YEP the BIG 38 today! WOW- where did it go? I certainly didn't realize how quickly it was going by.

One day I was 15 and the next WHAMO 38. I'd like to say i'm soooo much wiser and worldly now, but that would just be a lie! But unlike 15 I am at least aware that there is a NEED to be wiser and worldly. ;) So in anticipation of today I sat everyone down in the Treasures household yesterday and asked them to write down some goals.

Yes even the 8 year old (whom I momentarily lost my mind and described her as my 9 year old in a previous post- sorry!)

Anyhow everyone was to list 3 short term goals and 1 or 2 ways they planned on achieving them as well as 2 long term goals. They also needed to pick one thing they had never done or tried before that they would now be willing to give a whirl.

I also decided that we would be placing the LIFE size map of the United States that was no longer needed at our office (more on that later) and pin it to the wall in our game room.

Since we are not in a position to be "World" travelers at the present time I decided to keep it a little closer to home ;)

I informed them that we will be picking a new state each month and learning all there is about that state. Including it's tourist attractions.

This way when the money tree outback FINALLY blooms we will know exactly which state we want to hit first.

After we hit all 50 or is it 52 states? (Told you not wiser, just older HA!)we can start working on other countries. This will also give us time for the money tree to be in FULL bloom by that point.

Anyhow the REAL goal here is to not wake up one morning and say "WOW I'm 48-58-68 Where did it go?" I'll have a wall full of places and mind full of knowledge! ;)
ANYTHING to keep me from obsessing over the new 38 year old birthday wrinkle I just found on my forehead!


Dreamgirl said...

Happy Birthday just a little bit late...
I'm 40 and I know exactly how you feel. Time goes by so quickly and I'm also waiting for that darn money tree to grow out back. Still all I can find is a couple of coins scattered around (I think they might have fallen out of my boy's pant pockets...)

I do hope that you learn a lot the next couple of years and that you get to learn about my country too... and better yet, that you get to see all the wonderful places that you dream about!


Dawn said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I love this idea,,,you are going to be sooo knowledgeable Girl!!! I was so excited to email you about Tracy as well!!! I am CRAVING her inspiration!!!

gracelikekelly said...

Didn't you hear, 38 is the 28 so dont give it a second thought! The US has so many amazing places to visit, some will make you feel like you left the country! Honolulu, Boston, New Orleans...all so amazing!!! Can't wait to see where you go first!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Girl, I'm so sorry I didn't get over here again yesterday to wish you a VERY happy birthday!!!!

And don't you know that you are the PERFECT age? Yep, you are. Then again, I've recently heard that 40 is the perfect age.

I'm loving the 30's. I hope you got spoiled rotten too.

Much love,

Kristin said...

You are so funny girly. I know how birthday's can be. I turned 44 in August (ahhh, to be 38 again!) and I look in the mirror and go..."WHATTTTT?" Where did the time go. I pray that your birthday was wonderful. I hope every second in your life matter where you finally pick in the US to go with your family on a trip that your seconds are full of sparkly wonder, amazing hope and a lovely life full of blessings ahead.

Lissa said...

Happy Birthday! (just a tiny late) I'm 37 but I used to feel 25. However, all of this stress makes me feel my age. But I would never go back. I certainly don't carry the insecurities I once carried and am more confident to accomplish my goals!

Dreamgirl said...

Thanks for stopping by:-) I do hope your birthday was fabulous and that you are still feeling great even though you turned 38. (It's all in our heads you know... I keep telling myself that!)

Have a wonderful week! said...

Happy Birthday Angie! I'm glad you like your new dress! =D

Stefie said...

Well Happy Birthday! All I know is that 38 is the new 28! Enjoy!

And to answer your question...I am first going to be selling them in a store in my home town, but eventually will be loading them up on Etsy!

Have a great birthday MONTH!


LuLu said...

Oh happY BirthdaY!! I'm really not late cause I like to celebrate birthdays for a whole month!! I hope you are still celebrating!!
wishing you loads of happiness and all your birthday wishes come true!

The Blythe Blog said...

Just wanted you to know that I think you're an amazing writer! You truly have a gift! I think you should know that! I'm sure you don't give yourself enough credit when it comes to things like this and I think you're fantastic!!