Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 8...

That's right it's already day 8! Let me start by talking a little more about my "sanctuary" my little space carved out for those necessary moments when I need to regroup. My pocket book is lacking so I'm not able to furnish my little corner of the world to it's fullest potential. However I do have the necessities!

And in case I feel like staying longer than the required 10 minutes to quiet my mind..

These 2 books are fantastic. The Mom's Town Guide to Getting it All is not only helping to lose the fear when it comes to parenting but it's A Life Makeover- just like it claims to be. It's an interactive book. You don't just read it. You do all sorts of exercises from Mantra's to Diaries to Goal setting. After staying home for so many years you can certainly get into a rut that feels NEVER ENDING!!!! This book is helping me to remember that I am more than I've allowed myself to be.

The second book Living Artfully is also a great book. I've always felt like someone who had great "vision" I could put a room together or whip up an outfit no problem. Yet I wouldn't call myself creative,crafty or artful. This books shows how we've all got it in us and teaches you how to recognize it. There are ALL kinds of ways to be ARTful. These 2 books have sparked something in me and Rhonna's challenge came JUST IN TIME! Day 8 I'm taking literally-

And I plan on being .....

I'll start here with my little craft corner. Certainly not as fancy as most of the ones you see on other blogs but that's OK! This one is perfect for me. All of my scrapbooking,stamping and craft supplies within reach complete with my mantra and inspiration boards. First things first, rather than hanging the 3 cork board pieces on the wall I am going to make a framed one. I've had the frame in the garage for quite some time now. But between all my fear and frustration my environment has not been conducive to creativity. Not anymore!

In recent years I have taken things for granted. After this recession hit I have certainly learned to be grateful for the things that matter. Yet I still think it is ok to want more

So in order to do this I plan on being an "Explorer of the World" or at least my little piece of it and plan on living by the following....

(click on photo to see larger)

I "borrowed" the list from another blogger. I've tweaked it to fit my needs. Once again this is before I thought to give credit where credit was due. Sorry to who ever was brilliant enough to come up with it in the first place! ;)


LuLu said...

I am so excited for you, I want to run out and get both books you have, they look wonderful. Your craft area is PerFecT!!

Anonymous said...

I stopped by today and read up...you're a great writter and visionary ang! i'm proud of all you're doing to take charge of your life. love ya!! ~Robyn

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You rock girl. I'm proud of you for taking these steps!! Keep at it!