Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 10!!

So it's day 10. I think I've been progressing quite well on the major things if I do say so myself! ;) I did think I'd finally get the cork board done today while the kiddos were in school- no such luck. Again, I planned on making the candles with them this afternoon -that didn't happen either. That's ok though cause from now on I'm going to live by the following quote:

This challenge is all about not re-living my history. Not letting it interfere with my life or my families life in any way shape or form anymore!
So even though I didn't accomplish everything I wanted today- I still made a point to...

every moment to it's fullest today. Starting with the kids. Each one of them had a friend over after school today (seems to be the norm lately) and I also watch a friends daughter on Thursdays. So let me break it down for you- I had three 9 year old girls and two 11 year old boys. Now for those of you with more than 2 children this probably seems like no big deal to you. For me, well let's just say there is a reason I'm not a school teacher. ;)

Anyhow, as I was watching the girls swim and play -I realized just how second nature living in the moment is for them. It made me wonder "What happens to us when we grow up?" Why is it that I need countless self help books, daily mantra's, quotes and all sorts of other things to remind me to live life this way? I guess that's a whole other post on it's own!

I took a moment to snap a few photos. Here's the girls seizing their moment:

And enjoying the water:

Taking time out for a lil' girl talk.

(note to self: schedule a girls night out)

So after the 4 hour play date- we rushed over to the library to pick up some more books and then home for PIZZA NIGHT!!

They make great chefs! They don't get this from their mother ;)

Now, dinner is done the kiddos are finishing up homework and I'm ready for a little R&R time with the hubby. Now if only I can get my ears to stop ringing (those girls have a set of lungs on them) I could continue living in the moment with the man of the house! What do you think- candles tomorrow?

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Here's me, with my pompoms cheering for you to Witchy Woman!!! Oooohhhooooo witchy womaaaannn...