Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wipe the slate clean...

I'd like to take this time to wipe the slate clean. To start 2010 with fresh eyes and an open heart.

I had to take a small hiatus from my blog. To be honest it was more like a small hiatus from my life.

2009 has been the toughest, strangest and most rewarding year I have EVER had. When I started this blog my original intention was to post things about home decor, parties for every occasion and a little bit of fashion for my fellow 30 somethings. That quickly took a back seat to posts about my troubles with anxiety and all things children.

Not a bad thing but, not my original plan. My goal was a "place of my own" where I was Angie. Not Angie the Wife, Mother, Maid, Personal assistant, Taxi driver, Chef.

( I'm lying about the Chef part)

I spent most of 2009 struggling with my feelings about all of my roles. I wasn't devoting enough time to certain ones and too much time to others. I struggled with all the different types of relationships in my life.

Those weren't my only concerns though. In the beginning of 2009 my husband was laid of from his job of 15 years. The job that allowed us a very nice life style for the last 10 years. The job we thought would never end.

No longer being able to enjoy the extras is one thing. Not sure how your going to feed your children is another.

I'll be honest, I was mad about the first. Until it got bad enough that the second was our reality. Some how by the grace of God, family and friends we managed to make it through.

I know "make it through" doesn't sound like much but to be honest I really don't want to relive most of what 2009 had to offer nor do I think you really want to read about it. I will say, that through the toughest time in my family's lives, we found a closeness we had never had before. And best of all a relationship with God.

2009 was the year we all learned to stop and smell the...

I learned that there is nothing I wouldn't do for these guys...

I learned that "just being Angie" wasn't who I was anymore. As long as I found a nice balance then being Angie the wife, mother and so on would no longer be roles I would try to run from. They would be roles I would embrace.

In the end- there really was more good than bad.

So here's to a 2010 filled with God, Family, Friendship, Happiness and anything else you need in your life. And if need be, here's your chance to wipe the slate clean.

Happy New Year from the Treasure's Household!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh boy!!! Merry Christmas!

Ok Still can't seem to find the time to do everything I want and need to!!! This is just a quick post to let you all (all 30 of you- well ok- ALL 4 of you who actually check in on me on a regular basis) know what I'll be up to for the next week and what you can expect after that!

I am leaving for a MUCH needed week long vacation with my family. I won't be posting (and probably not commenting) in blog land until after Christmas. Once I come back I plan on doing my best to catch you up on everything that has been going on in Treasure-land! A couple sneak peeks of what you have to look forward to...

Until then, Merry Christmas from the Treasure's household!! I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!!!

P.S. YES this is as close as I got to sending out Christmas cards!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do you Frou Frou?

Thanks to an old friend, I'm embarking on a new adventure which involves a bit of "Frou Frou"

The dictionary definition of Frou Frou is as follows: froufrou n.

1. a swishing sound, as made by a long silk dress

2. (Clothing & Fashion) an elaborate dress or ornamentation, esp worn by women

from French, of imitative origin

I like to think of Frou Frou as more of an affected elegance. What does that translate to you ask? HA! I would loooove to say I came up with that all on my own but let's face it, I've got WAY to much going on to be that clever! It sounded great though didn't it? Like I had this effortless chic way of putting my whole take on Frou Frou into two perfectly descriptive words. So let's try this again, my true thoughts on Frou Frou? I think it can be any level of abundance determined by each individual. (That was all me- Thank you very much)

I think it is possible for Frou Frou to be understated. Tory Burch is a perfect example of this. Don't believe me? Spend some time reading her Holiday dressing tips or browse around her website. Understated Frou Frou at it's finest!

She has a little bit of "bling" (That word really is horrible isn't it?) Ok I'll start over....

She designs with just the right amount of ruffles, bows, and shiny things (that was better wasn't it?) to illistrate perfectly what I was referring to earlier as Understated Frou Frou and will now be a term I use frequently in my vocab. ;)

I'm sure when most of you think of "Frou Frou" you immediately imagine anything and everything OVER the top. Possibly even Gaudy?

I could post unlimited photos to depict all different versions of Frou Frou but what I'm really interested in is what does Frou Frou mean to you?